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Netflix Love, Death, and Robots Volume 3 Release Date Announced

Streaming giant Netflix has confirmed that the animated series “Love, Death, and Robots” has been renewed for a new season. The animated series already has two prior seasons released and this will be the third season of the series. Love, Death, and Robots is an adult cartoon, on which the series is based and got released in 2019.

The news broke in when the Netflix Geeked named Twitter to handle tweeted a trailer of the same. It wrote, “We interrupt this feed to bring you a special message. Love Death and Robot Volume 3: May 20”. Hence according to the official dates that have been released, the season will be renewed on 20th May 2022.


The dazzling trailer that was released showed the glimpses and snippets from its prior two seasons. It’s been a long time since the show’s viewers were treated to refreshments. The second season was released on Netflix in May of last year, while the first was released in 2019. David Fincher, Jennifer Miller, Tim Miller, and Josh Donen executive produced the first season of the show.

It comprised 18 episodes, each of which was a standalone short story that straddled several genres, including horror, fantasy, science fiction, and comedy. Each episode included a new group of authors, animation studios, and styles, as well as different directors. “The first season of LDR was incredibly groundbreaking for a lot of people,” Jennifer Yuh Nelson, who directed a number of the shorts but joined the program this year as a supervising director, told IGN in a recent interview.

“And people saw that and thought to themselves, ‘This is feasible’; that degree of beauty and quality, as well as subversive stories, was possible.” That’s something I’ve always wanted to accomplish as a fan.” Nelson and series creator Tim Miller have both stated that the series will not be ending anytime soon.

Along with the release of the third season on May 20, Miller stated that they have enough stories and concepts to begin work on a fourth if Netflix is interested. “Why would we stop doing this if they allow us to keep doing it?” Miller remarked. “Animation and animators are two of my favorite things. They’re just a one-of-a-kind breed.”

“We can get even greater tales and give people more of what they want, which is a large, tremendous ride,” Nelson remarked. Unfortunately, while Love, Death + Robots has set the release date for its third volume, there are still no concrete details about the next wave of shorts in the anthology collection.

This means that fans still need to find out not only how many will be offered this time around, which directors and creators will be behind the new shorts, and what kind of actual animation styles will be present in this third volume. That’s why the first two volumes were so popular, and the trailer promises that we’ll see it again in the third.



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