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NCAA College Football’s Worst Nightmare Right Now

This wasn’t how any of this was supposed to happen. The college football world has been turned on its ear in the first three weeks with upsets, leading NCAA officials to think of a dirty six-letter word no one wants to utter out loud.

[adinserter block=”1″]P-A-R-I-T-Y.

If there was ever a chance that the current system of college football, meaning the Power-5 conferences could get the jolt it has been asking for in recent years, could this be the one? Could teams from the SEC finally beat the hell out of each other and could someone from a non-power conference for that matter, steal the spotlight from the major “Haves” of the big business that is disguised as a college gridiron.

The “Have Nots” seem to be faring well recently, giving Auburn all it could handle and making fans believe Ohio State isn’t the invincible juggernaut we all expected. Heck, Oregon has already lost this year and we are just waiting for another domino to take a tumble. It’s not fair, if you are a moneymaker on the College Football Playoff landscape, but for odds makers – and yes there are some of those in this crazy college world, knowing when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em is becoming a tougher proposition.

At some point, Ole Miss will step back into reality after becoming the feel-good story of the college football scene so far. What in the name of “Hotty Toddy” are we talking about, anyway?

This is the year of the running back, the year of TCU, the year of Ohio State – whatever the catch phrase happens to be. But maybe this is really the Year of the Unknown. When Georgia looked at the schedule prior to the season, Alabama and Auburn looked daunting. When Florida looked at its schedule under new head coach Jim McElwain, LSU and Ole Miss were on the list. Which team feels better about its chances now in the SEC?

The people in power need the teams in the best conference in the country to figure it out and get back on track. Turmoil turns to controversy. Controversy turns to cash and the teams we never thought would have a shot at winning anything look like they could play the role of spoiler. Ask TCU how that worked out last season as they should have been in the CFP instead of FSU (sorry guys, I’m an FSU grad and even I know they weren’t worthy of the spot they were given).

The best thing for the CFP is for the SEC to continue to remain a solid option for the first or second place in the post season. And the worst thing would be for all prominent team to have one loss or more. This could be a case of 2007 when LSU won a national title with two losses – which destroyed the myth of dominance equals power. Ohio State figures to still be the team to beat. A non-Power 5 team needs to stir the pot. The running backs who have looked the part this season need to prove one of them (Leonard Fournette, Nick Chubb, Derrick Henry) needs to win the Heisman. And most of all, there must be patience among those who make the decision over who plays for the crown and who does not.

[adinserter name=”366 right”]College football’s start is the best thing for everyone concerned of PARITY wants to remain a dirty word. The playoff changed the way college football is played. Now, the fact some teams may not be as solid as they were thought to be might take the game in another direction.

Hopefully the integrity of this game kids play does not get lost along the way to a final resolution.



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