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NCAA College Football: Separation Saturday Clouded the Playoff Picture Even More

Anyone who thought the Heisman Trophy was already wrapped up and sealed for Leonard Fournette had better think again. There might be a new sheriff in town after Derrick Henry’s performance on Saturday night. I’m not saying I told you so, but betting against Nick Saban in a big time game with so much riding on the line is like committing football suicide.

The 30-16 win by Alabama proved the College Football Playoff Committee knew what it was doing putting the Crimson Tide in the No. 4 slot of the first rankings last week. For LSU, all is not lost and there is still plenty of football to be played.

[adinserter block=”1″]But tell that to the other one-loss teams in the shuffle and the undefeated teams that more than likely won’t get a sniff of what the CFP committee is cooking up right about now. What was supposed to be an instant classic is now pretty much a nightmare and with Alabama now with the inside track to the SEC Title game to face Florida (yes, I said Florida) it could be another chance at a national title for Saban and his crew.

It could also mean a Heisman Trophy from the kid from Yulee, Florida. Henry joins Darren McFadden as the only players with 3 rushing TDs against a Les Miles-coached LSU team. If that isn’t pouring salt in a deep wound, then I don’t know what is.

Welcome to Separation Saturday, my friends and one week closer to the end of the college football regular season and the bowl season on the horizon. LSU wasn’t the only team in the top 10 to suffer a huge loss. Ask TCU and Michigan State how it feels to see your slim national title hopes slip away.

The Crimson Tide was better in every facet of the game. There are few who plan for the big game like Saban, with about big game gamer across the field. Miles couldn’t get his team motivated on offense and the Alabama defense looked as good as some the units in the NFL, if not better. When was the last time you saw a game between these two programs where the win was so lopsided?

College football either got a lot easier Saturday night or it became another cluster of confusion. I’m not sure which one is better, but when you are a fan and it’s the second week of November and every game counts, you tend to sit in front of your television all day on a Saturday with a favorite beverage and as much antacid that you can find.

The selection committee has one job – to decide the best teams in college football to play for the title. LSU may still hover around the top 10 for a while and see how this all plays out. Notre Dame and Baylor gained more ground. Iowa and Oklahoma State continue to win. Florida should move up despite an awful win (yes, those things happen) against Vanderbilt. Style points count.

[adinserter block=”2″]Will the committee move Alabama higher in the rankings this week. Will they leapfrog Ohio State? Does someone have the stones to make sure Notre Dame – should they win out, is in the conversation over an undefeated team that has a resume of similar value? This isn’t just about an undefeated season, this is about the almighty dollar – The Fighting Irish tend to bring that to the table and they travel well.

We wanted a new way to crown a national champion and the Power 5 conferences will help determine that. We are assured that Clemson is the best team in the country and the reigning national champion (Ohio State) is undefeated. After that, it’s a coin flip with 12 heads in a room with their own agendas.

Choosing who to vote for in elections is easier.

The Alabama win started this ball rolling. Now we will see how far it will travel. More teams will lose, more controversy will be had and more discussion and complaining will go on. It’s called separation in college football. I call it the best way to enjoy your Saturday afternoon and evening.



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