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NBA’s Norman Powell Harassed by a Woman on Video, Arrested by Cops

Famous National Basketball Association player Norman Powell was unfortunately added to the list of citizens harassed by Americans in America. The 28-year-old player was allegedly harassed by a white woman when Powell was doing his gym. The NBA player shared a video of the same. Additionally, the case got so serious that police had to be called and the woman was subsequently arrested.

The 28-year-old former UCLA 2nd-round draft pick was working out at a local gym in Sin City when the whole incident happened. According to what the former NBA champion has informed, the woman came up to him to ask for help.

She said that she got into a fight outside and needed help. To which Powell and his fellow gym persons sent her back. Powell stated, “We asked her to leave and go back.”

Powell further added that “She came back after around 15-20 minutes and started the whole ruckus. The woman started screaming that “You are not American, you are un-American”. To this statement Norman responded that “How am I not an American, I was born and raised here”. The woman responded that her descendants were from Mayflower and were mere slaves of the Americans and hence they are not Americans. In the video, it was also seen that the woman tells that “You all are p***y and a whole bunch of shit”.

The woman allegedly harassed Powell because of his color and the type of songs he was playing. Instead of the same charges, the woman was arrested by the Las Vegas police. It was also reported that “Authorities captured the white woman in question, who immediately began playing the victim. “Shut the f*ck up,” the cops tell her. After the event, Norman Powell appears to be in excellent spirits: “Vegas be lit!” However, when the incident happened immediately, Powell was exasperated and exclaimed that it is not funny.

List of celebrities who have faced racial discrimination

  1. Jay Pharaoh- In an April 2020 incident with the Los Angeles Police Department, the former Saturday Night Live star claimed an officer placed a knee on his neck in a case of mistaken identity. Pharoah claims the officers eventually apprehended him and told him he matched the description of a black male wearing gray sweatpants and a gray shirt.
  2. Sunny Hostin- ABC News executive’s racist comments regarding Hostin “disappointed and grieved” her. Barbara Fedida, SVP of talent and business at ABC, allegedly made racial comments against Sunny Hostin and Robin Roberts.
  3. Viola Davis- Viola Davis’ incredible career is being questioned despite her winning two Tony Awards, an Oscar, and a British Academy Film Award. Davis speaks at a Women of the World event in 2018 and calls out Hollywood’s double standard when it comes to wages and respect for women of color.
  4. Jeremy Lin- Also a basketball star, stated how during the NBA Together Virtual Roundtable in May 2020, there was a rise in racial attacks during the coronavirus pandemic.


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