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Inside The Wheelhouse: The NBA Trade Deadline Is Boring

Antawn JamisonGrowing up I was huge fan of the NBA. I enjoyed watching basketball and enjoyed playing it just as much. In New York we had a team that was actually a contender every year and Michael Jordan was putting on a show every time he was on primetime back in the NBA on NBC days.

As time would go on the New York Knicks became worse and the NBA became more boring. There was a period of time in the NBA that after the post-Michael Jordan era there was no one that the country would really want to tune into and watch an NBA game. My love for the NBA became less and less.

[adinserter block=”1″]My time as a Sports fan was spent more at watching Baseball and Football, the time I spent watching Basketball was almost non-existent. If it were not for College Basketball (which is still much more exciting then the NBA), I may not be watching anytime of basketball anymore. It just got way to boring. Call me a bandwagon fan for jumping off the Knicks ship, start arguing that Basketball is the most exciting sport in the United States but it has become to boring for me to even care about anymore.

I have tried to get back into it. I will watch Knicks when I can. I even tuned into the NBA All-Star Game this past Sunday. But I just can’t do it.

Case in point the NBA Trade Deadline; trade deadlines are one of the most exciting days of the year in sports like Major League Baseball because this is the point when teams that are contending for a Championship make a couple moves to kick their season into 4th gear as the post season gets closer. Did the NBA get the memo regarding the excitement and importance of this day? Because I’ve been watching ESPN try to make anything out of this day and they are failing poorly.

As I write this Antawn Jamison was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers to join Lebron James and Shaquille O’Neal in Cleveland’s quest of keeping Lebron as a Cavaliar by winning a championship. I remember Jamison as a Tar Heel back in the 90s, he was a decent player but this is the big storyline so far? Caron Butler a couple days ago was traded to the Mavericks but once again I yawn.

The other big storyline of the day at the trade deadline is whether or not Tracy McGrady will be traded to the New York Knicks. Oh my god! Are you serious? The overweight and locker room problem T-Mac to the Knicks, what a match made in heaven! The Knicks are making a run at the championship to right? Well if you consider be the current 11th spot in the East and only 19 wins a contender then yes.

The NBA Trade Deadline is horrible, or as Charles Barkley would say “terrible.” If today means anything to the NBA they would more then likely cover it up until the deadline on their own network…right? Wrong yet again. I tuned into the NBA network and they were showing clips of last night’s games and were planning on doing so for the rest of the deadline. That’s how exciting it is!

When the NBA doesn’t care enough about one of its larger days of the regular season to even cover it on their own network we have a major problem. If you’re an NBA fan more power to you because you can put up with this stuff. The NBA needs a jolt of energy in its league and putting that jolt into puppets of Kobe Bryan & Lebron James just doesn’t do it for me.

[adinserter block=”2″]Let’s be honest Kobe Bryant is an amazing basketball player but his cardboard cutouts have more personality then him. Oh and remember back in the first part of the decade when Kobe got into a little bit of trouble in Colorado? Ah not many people remember that, hence one of the reasons why I believe eight years from now we will forget about Tiger’s love fest. But I once again digress.

The NBA is by far one of the worst leagues out of the big four in the United States (NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL). It would be the worse if it wasn’t for the NHL not having a place they can really showcase their games on. Though I must admit I do watch the Winter Classic every New Years Day now. What can I say I like hokey bits like that; which is one of the reasons why I watched the NBA All-Star Game in Cowboys Stadium.

The NBA Trade Deadline is boring, no one cares. I feel bad for the NBA analysts that will have to break down the three trades that happen today. Very tough job they have. Though I am interested in how they will break down a player past his prime (Tracy McGrady) going to a team that is just waiting for Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh to become free agents (the New York Knicks).

The Knicks have been throwing away their seasons for the past two years for this!? Let’s trade for T-Mac because I’m sure he will attract a big name player! Note to Knicks: Stephon Marbury, Steve Francis, Zach Randolph, Antonio McDyess and Penny Hardaway. Good work New York!

I can not wait for Baseball to start.

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