NBA Betting – Wednesday Night Parlay


Tyreke EvansWhile all the focus is on Super Bowl odds and NFL Picks right now, it’s that time of the year where basketball teams start becoming the teams they will be for the rest of the season. At the time of writing this, the lines have not come out but here are some betting tips for either a three-team teaser or three-team parlay of money lines anyway.

There are 3 colossal mismatches that should be taken advantage of:

Sacramento Kings at Atlanta Hawks

The Kings recently got SG Kevin Martin back from injury. They are trying to play rookie sensation Tyreke Evans and Martin at the same time, although Evans appears to be more of a 2 guard himself rather than a 1. They have not meshed yet and until they do, if they do, I will bet against them. The Sac Kings are 3-16 on the road and have no way to matchup with Josh Smith, Marvin Williams and big Al Horford. I expect a lot of turnovers by the Kings and a blowout along the lines of 92-71. I would take the Hawks and the under in this game regardless of what it is.

New Jersey Nets at Phoenix Suns

[adinserter block=”1″]Sheesh, this is going to be ugly. The Nets are 1-20 on the road. They have no heart, leadership and are trying their best to get Brook Lopez the ball and run the offense through him. That is a good idea. Only problem is Devin Harris and CDR hate it and are the only other good players on the team. Yi is inconsistent and Amare should have a field day with him. The Suns just got blanked on a 4 game road trip and seeing the Nets at home is what the doctor ordered. Steve Nash is going to look like Mozart out there. I expect the Suns to win, but they have lost 4 in a row. Tease the spread down to around 8 and you’ll be safe, if not take the money line. The Nets can’t score very well so I’d take the under if it’s 200 or higher without blinking. Expect a blowout: Suns 103- Nets 82.

Oklahoma City Thunder at Minnesota Timberwolves

The last time the t-wolves faced a team with the athleticism of the thunder was last week when they were crushed by the Grizzlies 135-110. Expect more of the same. Kevin Durant is for real and is a top 5 player in the league right now. Jeff Green has come into his own at the other forward spot and Russell Westbrook will give rookie Jonny Flynn fits at PG with his top flight defense and transition game. The Thunder are too deep and athletic for the T-Wolves and should win easy on the Wolves home court. If the line is over 200 take the under, if not stay away, Thunder play stifling defense at times and at other times don’t. Expect another blowout Thunder 97- T-Wolves 71.

Sportsbook Parlay: Hawks, Suns, Thunder

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