Nate Marquardt Finally Explains His Failed Medicals

Well the Nate Marquardt mystery has been solved. Nate Marquardt finally broke his silence today and revealed the Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour exactly what the circumstances were that resulted in being fired by the UFC.

If you were in the camp that guessed that Marquardt tested positive for a performance enhancing drug than you would be correct! Marquardt was flagged for high levels of testosterone. Marquardt says he needed hormone replacement therapy which is why he increased his hormone levels. Sound familiar?

Marquardt told Helwani that he noticed a change in his body last August. Marquardt then received clearance from his personal physician to begin hormone replacement therapy. He also told Helwani that he was approved for his testosterone therapy by the New Jersey State Athletic Commission prior to his UFC 128 fight against Dan Miller.

The week of the fight I requested several tests,” Marquardt said. “Each test showed that the levels were going down. I took a test on weigh-in day, and it was still above the range the athletic commission was going to let me fight.

He said that three weeks ago his doctor gave him a testosterone shot instead of oral drugs to remedy his low levels. The dosage spiked his levels, which popped on the test.

Also, according to Marquardt’s manager his levels would have been normal by Sunday night. His manager said that his levels were high for the weigh-ins, but he would have been fine by Monday. He also believed that Nate would be cleared shortly by the PSAC with his numbers back in the acceptable range.

Okay a lot of this just doesn’t add up if you go back and read the quotes from the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission and Dana White. According to the PSAC he had six weeks to clean this up which nobody allegedly told Dana White. Marquardt said this happened three weeks ago and the PSAC commish said six, so which is it?

According to Marquardt’s manager Lex McMahon, he claims that they never hid anything from the UFC which would contradict Dana White’s statements.

“Nate was hiding nothing,” McMahon said. “He made every effort to comply. When he found out his results were high, he ran out of time.

If Marquardt is telling the truth, why would Dana White say otherwise? Why wouldn’t he have been able to acquire the same notes or clearance from his doctor for the PSAC that he received for the NJSAC? Why did he have to wait until today to make the statement? Something isn’t right here.

If he is telling the truth, why did Dana White fire him on the spot? If it really is that cut and dry, you would expect White to have his back. Heck, Chael Sonnen put the company at bigger risk when he was popped for the same thing after fighting Anderson Silva. In Chael’s case, he would have not only ended a legendary winning streak but would have had to forfeit the belt as champion if he won the fight and got popped. What Nate did was wrong, but all he did was put a free television main event in jeopardy. Yet not only is Chael Sonnen still employed by the UFC, they wanted to bring him back and reward with him a spot on The Ultimate Fighter. It seems like a big double standard to me.

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Keep in mind that this isn’t Marquardt’s first positive PED. Marquardt tested positive after his UFC debut for high levels of nandrolone which is an anabolic steroid. Marquardt received what would amount to a slap on the wrist for the violation. Dana White says he is a believer in giving second chances, but I have rarely if ever seen give anyone a third.

On the other hand, Dana White didn’t have the same kind of leverage with Sonnen that he now has with Marquardt. Remember, Zuffa LLC didn’t own Strikeforce when Chael was popped for his test. Sonnen could have jumped to Strikeforce as a big draw in theory after he returned to MMA. Where is Marquardt going to go? Not only that, but this is a business and Dana White has to get the message across to these guys that there will be ramifications if you test positive for a PED before or after a fight. I think this was a message and unfortunately Nate was a casualty used to make an example.

I am still a little dubious of his explanation. At 32 years old, the idea that he would need hormone replacement therapy is very suspicious. Even so, the fact that neither he nor his camp informed Dana White when it came up six weeks ago makes this one hard to believe. Finally, if he couldn’t get the clearance from his doctor to show the PSAC, well then something is up. I am sorry but I just don’t buy it.

Where Nate Marquardt goes from here is anyone’s guess. If Bellator winds up moving to Spike TV, he’d be a logical signing for the promotion (with Tito Ortiz if Ortiz loses to Ryan Bader and gets cut). If not, he really doesn’t have many options.

There are things I messed up,” Marquardt said. “I have to take responsibility.

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