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Nadia Bartel’s Stunning Look At Melbourne Fashion Festival, Plunging Jacket with Nothing Underneath

You can always count on Nadia when it comes to power dressing.

Nadia was seen turning heads with her stunning outfit at the Melbourne Fashion Festival. The model and designer donned a stylish white suit on her red carpet moment at the event.

Nadia is pretty well known for her power dressing and she certainly showed it this time as well. Here are more details about Nadia’s look:

Who is Nadia Bartel?

Nadia Bartel is an Australian fashion model as well as a cloth designer. She is also a former WAG, WAGs being an acronym of wives and girlfriends of high-profile sportsmen.

Nadia developed Henne, a clothing brand along with her sister and one more business partner. Henne stands for ‘Her’ in the Swedish language and the clothing brand is inspired by the minimalist style of Scandinavian people.

Nadia was married to former AFL footballer Jimmy Bartel and shares two children with him. The two began dating in 2008 and Jimmy married Nadia in 2014 on the Bellarine Peninsula. They had their first child in November 2015 and second in October 2018.

However, Jimmy and Nadia were separated in August 2019 and their divorce was officially finalized in August 2021. In the year 2020, Nadia’s fashion design became a hit after her earthly-colored popular line of tracksuits.

Nadia’s Look at Melbourne Festival

Nadia who is currently 36 showed off her toned physique with her outfit at the Melbourne Fashion Festival. The mother of two showed off her cleavage in a white suit as she went braless under the white jacket.

Nadia’s look was complemented by a pair of white stilettos that fit perfectly with the white suit as well as her hair tied in long locks into a high bun gave her the power look. She was seen wearing full makeup on her face which included her eyeliner giving her eyes the smoky look and a blush.

Nadia’s outfit was matched by Abby Holmes who was also present at the festival in her bright pink jacket suit having the same look as Nadia and wearing matching pants to go with the jacket. Abby was accompanied by Keegan Brooksby, who is Abby’s fiancé.

Nadia Spotted With New Man

In January this year, Nadia was spotted embracing another man in Melbourne, and rumors of the two dating each other emerged on the internet. The model was photographed cozying up to Peter Dugmore who is a former footballer but now works as a fitness expert.

Nadia has kept a low profile ever since her divorce from Jimmy and both Nadia and Peter have yet to speak about this photograph and no signs of the two dating each other were revealed on Nadia’s Instagram account.



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