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Solving the RAW General Manager Mystery

Edge and Vickie GuerreroThe WWE Universe is buzzing about the new RAW GM. Vince McMahon fired Bret Hart after only a few weeks as WWE RAW GM. Vince announced that RAW will have a Mystery GM. Who could it be, who should it be, and who will it be?

Unfortunately we have been down this road many times with Vince McMahon. Every few months WWE fans are teased with a new RAW GM. Speculation from The Rock to Stone Cold dominates the Internet and fan chatter. Yet in the end we are usually stuck with someone like The Coach. Vince McMahon has a good chance to deliver a big surprise with the new GM. Will he/she or won’t he/she are the big questions surrounding the plan.

So here we go again as I once again will run down a list of possible RAW General Managers. Here are a few possible RAW GM candidates and why they will or won’t be the choice.

Vickie Guerrero – Excuse me! Vickie Guerrero is at the top of the list of possible RAW GM candidates. I don’t put her here because she is my first choice. I list her up top because it seems to make the most sense. The idea of her being a “mystery” RAW GM also plays into her storyline a few months back resigning after a night as RAW GM. Unlike a lot of wrestling fans I am not excited at all about Vickie being a RAW GM. It was a great storyline on SmackDown but it just seems like it would be one big repeat of two years ago.

Michael Cole – Michael Cole is a very interesting possibility here. A few months ago some wrestling fans would have rioted if they read that Michael Cole was going to be a RAW GM. However, things changed after his recent NXT angle with Daniel Bryan. Cole is a really fun character and was a natural heel during the NXT storyline. It makes a ton of sense, yet it isn’t likely to happen. The WWE likes Cole exactly where he is an announcer. That is too bad because the promos he cut a few weeks back were some of the best in the entire WWE. If he could only announce as good as he can cut a promo.

[adinserter block=”1″]JBL – JBL is my pick to be the RAW GM. I loved the John Bradshaw Layfield character. JBL cut some of the best promos of the decade at his peak and can rile up a crowd better than almost anyone on the current WWE roster. Sadly we never got to see a babyface run because I think JBL as a babyface RAW GM is just as solid as JBL the heel. In the end I don’t know if JBL is willing to give up his lavish retirement and commit to going back on the road once a week. I think he is a dark horse but there is a real chance he could get the gig and bring some life back to WWE RAW.

Abraham Washington – Abe was the leading candidate to get the GM gig before Bret Hart got the job. Abe has been kind of quiet lately so it would make sense for him to lie low until he makes a big splash as a GM. Abe is playing the GM role in WWE’s developmental FCW territory and is very good at it. But I think it would be a horrible idea and end up dead on arrival. I just don’t think he would have the credibility amongst WWE fans to make it work. As much as I hope Abraham Washington is not the GM, I think it is fairly likely he takes the job.

Stephanie McMahon – I know I know, not another McMahon. I am not as sour on Steph as some McMahon-haters are. For one thing, she really hasn’t been on television all that much over the last several years. Two, it would make sense in regards to the storyline and could play well into the NXT invasion angle. Three, she plays a great character and either as a heel or babyface cuts better promos than half of the roster. In the end I think the second they revealed her and Triple H to be married they took Stephanie out of this kind of an angle. That is unless Trips comes back as a heel.

Jim Ross – I was surprised to see Jim Ross’ name thrown out there by some websites and message boards. While you don’t see him on television, Jim Ross is still with the WWE. From a storyline perspective, it would make a whole lot of sense. Unfortunately for JR fans like me I don’t think there is any way that this happens. If the reason for removing Jim Ross from television was for cosmetic reasons than I don’t think that the WWE would bring him back as the face of WWE RAW. Plus, it is not the way I’d like to see Jim Ross go out. He deserves a lot better than a campy character like the one he played years ago in the fake Razor and fake Diesel storyline.

Shawn Michaels – I think Shawn Michaels is a real dark horse here but he isn’t out of the race entirely. Shawn retired to spend more time with his family. I don’t see any reason Shawn would have to be out there live every week or more than once a month. Shawn could cut promos from home via satellite and appear once in a while to take a storyline to another level. I don’t think it happens because it wouldn’t make any sense for Shawn not to reveal himself if he were to be the RAW GM. But man, the WWE is missing the Heartbreak Kid big time.

[adinserter block=”2″]Paul Heyman – I never even thought about Paul Heyman until Jeff Peck and I started discussing the subject on the “Still Real to Us” podcast. Do I think it would happen? No way. But, talk about a name that would make the WWE NXT invasion make sense. Is there anyone else with more credibility to lead a revolution of young wrestlers than Paul Heyman? Not to mention, what a huge slap in the face it would be for TNA Wrestling who have reportedly been trying to heavily recruit Paul Heyman. I don’t see any way that this one happens, but wow talk about a major game changer here on WWE RAW.

So there you are. Those are just a few names that are either in the running or I’d like to see in the running to be WWE RAW GM. Remember, these things rarely live up to expectations so don’t get your hopes up.
In the meantime…”E-C-W, E-C-W, E-C-W,” is he there yet?

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  1. I think it's Paul Levesque (Triple H). The anonymous WWE Raw GM has been using famous catch phrases used by Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Roddy Piper, and Shawn Michaels. The only person who would play such a game is "The Game," Triple H. Given the fact that HHH and Stephanie McMahon will be running the company after Vince McMahon, it will give him good practice as authority. HHH is someone who won't pick favorites; which is a great part of the case. Triple H is very intelligent, so the company can trust him with his decisions. Plus, who would be a better General Manager than someone who has much WWF/WWE experience?

    Therefore, the RAW General Manager is The Game, Triple H.


  3. I don't think it could be but lets just dream for a second and lets imagine, hear the drumbs "rthuth rthuth…rthuth..rthuth..rthuth" then the boom "Bum, Buh, Budda…dadadaddaaa…dadadadada.." Goldberg! TNA is supposedly pushing for a Goldberg return only WWE should make a gestier. Or How about "Whooooo!" The Nature Boy Rick Flair.

  4. i hope the gm is happy with micheal cole cause they let him get away with everthing i know about ratings but this is to much and its making me sick

  5. i hope this reaches the men at monday nigth raw cause this is really makes me sick about the new gm and micheal cole the gm lets micheal cole get away with everthing i know about ratings this is sicking i hope micheal is good at something cause they act like they are sleeping together or something


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