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My take on Mark Madden and the state of the WWE

If you have not read Mark Madden’s take on the improper use of Daniel Bryan since John Cena’s exit from the WWE and the subsequent failure to capitalize on something great and unexpected such as Bryan’s maturation into the top spot as the company’s favorite face, then I implore you to read it once you have finished this column.

[adinserter block=”1″]Sorry, Mark. While your accomplishments speak for themselves and the fact you are a highly acclaimed writer and author lost on me, this is my time. I only use your guide as a reference because it is the complaint about the WWE at the present time that is its truest form. The WWE has done little to help Daniel Bryan, it has only partially helped further enforce the idea that Randy Orton is a mega heel (both in my opinion are revolving puppets) and somehow, somewhere, Big Show became a laughing stock until two weeks ago, Wade Barrett became lost and The Shield has two major losses, which I think helps them either gain their edge back or allows them to split and Roman Reigns becomes a huge star in the company.

I agree with Madden’s analysis of how the company did not see dollar signs in Bryan, and although they are taking full advantage of his “star” without recognizing it.

“The only performers in the Bryan storyline who have been truly kept strong are Triple H and Stephanie. Stephanie can’t provide a payoff. Triple H is a part-timer who might be in the Greg Valentine stage of his career if he hadn’t married well, Madden explained.

“The Shield and Randy Orton are stooges. Puppets for Triple H and Stephanie. Big Show is the guy who cries. That’s what people think of.”

Madden has a way of hitting the nail on a very small head with clear precision.

This is not the first time the WWF or WWE has done this – taken a solid career and tried to ruin it because the company did not see what the fans and the WWE Universe saw in a blink of an eye. Remember, Vince McMahon wasn’t fond of some kid named Shawn Michaels at first and finally, when the money started rolling in, the Chairman of the WWE embraced the superstar ten times over.

Because the WWE does not have to foresight to plan ahead and see the talent it truly has (Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz), the product then becomes watered down or contaminated.

“There’s a general malaise about WWE’s product that goes beyond how individuals are being booked. WWE has conditioned marks to think house shows are disposable, so marks aren’t going. Now, except for WrestleMania, the PPVs are also becoming disposable. So less and less marks buy them. Most WWE PPVs are nothing but episodes of Raw you have to pay for. No better,” Madden added.

Because of the deficiencies of Battleground and the need to have the final three pay-per-view events bust buy records and promote the stability of the product of the roster, the Hell in the Cell pay-per-view will be heavy top to bottom, hoping to deliver a Money in the Bank hype and performance.

But I think Madden would agree with me when I say do not get your hopes- this is the WWE, the place where, “ The main event (at Battleground) ended inconclusively, with Big Show knocking out everyone. No one won. No one got the WWE championship.

[adinserter block=”2″]THAT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN. PPVs are supposed to provide winners and losers. CONCLUSIONS. Storylines are supposed to wrap, not be furthered.”

So as we wait for the return of John Cena, the WWE really has nothing to show for his hiatus other than new tag team champions. Surely something else happened that blew us away. We all must have thought the changes with Bryan and Cena would create huge waves in the company. In reality, all it did was deliver a whimper.

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