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My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date, Trailer, Plot And Latest Updates

An anime rendition of Akumi Agitogi as well as Tsukio Tsukioka’s short book series, My Happy Marriage, is in the works. A homepage, as well as a clip showing the cast and crew of the film, were unveiled along with its formal debut.

The series is being directed by Takehiro Kubota at Kinema Citrus. In charge of concept art and supervising is Takao Abo. Takahito Nishi as well as Momoko Toyoda are writing the screenplays. Shoko Yasuda, the concept artist, is attributed to the work. The 3DCG’s director is Yuushi Koshida. Evan Call is responsible for all of the soundtrack.

So far, Reina Ueda as well as Kaito Ishikawa have been named as Miyo Saimori and Kiyoki Kudo’s vocal actresses.

About My Happy Marriage Anime

Akumi Agitogi along with Tsukiho Tsukioka have worked together on a variety of ventures, including the light-hearted My Happy Marriage book. Earlier this year, the first book in the series was published. In July of the following year, the novel’s fifth installment was made available to the public. Yen Press licensed the light novels for distribution in the United States.

The heroine is Miyo Saimori. While raised by her strict stepmother, Miyo is eventually wed to Kiyoka, a veteran whose prior fiancées dumped him just three days following they were engaged. When Miyo and her soon-to-be spouse have nowhere to go, she slowly tries to open her emotions to her cold and pale husband-to-be… One last chance for her to find true joy and affection might be all she has left.

My Happy Marriage Release Date 

Square Enix’s Gangan Online published the first chapter of the book in December of last year. The third volume of the manga’s collected works arrived in Japan on October 12th. Japanese publisher Square Enix has licensed the manga version of the short series of novels, and it would be released on June 21 in both print and digital formats.

The Cast Of My Happy Marriage

As we have mentioned earlier, in charge of overseeing the program at Kinema Citrus is Gloomy the Naughty Grizzly alum Takehiro Kubota. Takao Abo who is renowned for his works on 22/7, Macross Frontier) is in charge of the concept art and overall direction. Ami Sat, Takahito Nishi, plus Momoko Toyoda are writing the script.

Shko Yasuda Happy Sugar Life veteran is creating various characters. Yuushi Koshida who also worked on Ghost in the Shell Arise is the head of the 3DCG.  Evan Call is composing the music. In the past, he has provided compelling scores for Violet Evergarden.

It’s hard to tell if marriage is a blessing or a curse

Miyo Saimori is raised in an aristocratic family with a reputation for exceptional skill, but she is forced into service by her harsh stepmother. Her hopes of being dragged away to a brighter future when she achieves marrying age are crushed when she discovers her fiancé’s actual identity: Colonel Kiyoka Kudou, whose past would-be wives have left under three days of their vows.

Since she has nothing else to do, Miyo embraces her doom and soon realizes that her pallid and attractive husband-to-be is anything but the villain she dreaded. Slowly but surely, they learn that the other might be their sole hope for lasting peace and friendship.



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