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Inside The Wheelhouse: Has the MVP train left the WWE station?

MVPIf you’ve been keeping an eye lately on the twitter feeds of wrestlers in the WWE then you would have noticed something interesting lately. While the WWE likes their wrestlers to use Twitter as a way to promote the company and/or any storylines that may be playing out on television, it can also be used as a double edged sword when it comes to a disgruntled employee. Take for instance the most recent batch of “future endeavored” and look at how Matt Hardy or Carlito used their social networking site to let everyone know how upset they were with their former employers (WWE).

It appears that we may be on that road again as the latest WWE superstar to use his Twitter to voice his concern for his character development in the WWE is none other then MVP.

The tweets have been subtle and not as extreme as Matt Hardy or Carlito but the dissention for his growth in the WWE is there. There have even been tweets in the recent weeks from Carlito claiming that MVP is the last of the vocal disgruntled WWE employees left in the company after the WWE released him, Matt Hardy and Hurricane Helms. It was interesting to note how a former employee was almost betting that by the end of 2010 MVP would be testing the same fate as everyone else and be released from the WWE.

When you look back at the build of MVP when he first hit the scene in the WWE on the Smackdown brand in 2006 you have to wonder if the “MVP Train” has basically left the station in the WWE and the company feels they really can’t do anything more with their former future star. If you remember MVP was part of a small youth movement in the WWE on the Smackdown brand in 2006 that included Mr. Kennedy, now known as Mr. Anderson in TNA.

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The WWE had such high hopes for MVP and Mr. Kennedy that they put the both of them in headline matches at the December 2006 PPV, Armageddon. It looked as if it was painted pretty clearly that the WWE had noted MVP as a future World Champion. Why else would the WWE give such a young and new superstar a push as big as feuds with “the Brothers of Destruction” in his first year in the company?

MVP would be one of the longest reigning WWE United States Champions in it’s tenure in the WWE, holding the Championship for almost an entire calendar year. During that time MVP was involved in one of the best storyline feuds in the company in 2007. You look back now, remembering how good the feud was and it’s strange to see that now one of them is no longer with the company (Hardy) and MVP may be on the same course of action soon enough.

It was around the time that MVP was turned over as face that his stance on the company’s depth chart started to drop.

He was placed in remote Tag Team action in a Tag Team Division that barely even exists anymore. He was partnered up with another wrestler with no guidance in his WWE in Mark Henry. While they had brief feuds with the Tag Team Champions at the time, nothing ever came out of it as it was nothing more then a “blow off” feud.

Then MVP was moved over to the Smackdown brand in all of things, the supplemental draft on WWE.com. No big name stars were moved on the supplemental draft day and it clearly showed MVP & the fans of the WWE, that MVP was no longer a big name or a future star in the company. The supplemental draft not only appeared to be the end of the climb for MVP but also the move to the blue brand of the WWE.

Most wrestlers when moved to the Smackdown brand from RAW have a lot of high hopes because Smackdown is the “wrestling” show of the WWE. There is less vignettes and special appearance on the show, wrestling is its true focus. It looked like at first that MVP’s career could have been saved by the move.

But the move to the Smackdown brand showed MVP to be used sparingly; the only reason why he got focus on the show for a period of time was due to his mentoring of rookie Percy Watson on NXT season 2. Being a mentor for someone who has never wrestled in the WWE was the only thing keeping MVP on WWE Television. There was no mid-card feud for MVP to push or a Championship for him to chase.

When NXT was all said and done so was MVP on WWE television as he has been rarely seen since NXT ended in August. As we approach November wrestling fans and MVP himself (as noted by his Twitter), are starting to wonder the future of the superstar. Is it case of the WWE repacking his gimmick, which has been rumored before? Or are we looking at once future superstar, poised to be World Champion, lose his appeal with the creative team?

As it stands right now if I had to put my money on it I’d be prepared to see MVP get future endeavored in the near future. If he is still with the company by the end of 2010 I will be surprised as backstage reports have said in recent weeks that MVP is not in favor of the current WWE youth movement as he gets pushed aside, as we can see in the last month or two, for new superstars to be pushed to the audience. It’s funny how quickly we forget that at one time the shoe was on the other foot for MVP.

For fans of MVP lets hope this is just a case of a repackaging of his gimmick, an opportunity for him to take some time off of television to come back stronger and fresher in front of the WWE audience. But the writing may be on the wall via his Twitter feed, his tweets about how much he hates his current standing the company and he may end up like his twitter predecessors that used the social networking tool to create heat on them in the backstage area.

It appears that a note of “future endeavored” could be in the cards of MVP’s future with a debut in TNA coming 90 days late. Maybe the days of it being MVP’s “time” is officially over.

MVP’s Twitter – http://twitter.com/The305MVP

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