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Mushoku Tensei Season 3 Release Date Rumours, Plot Speculations and Latest News

Jobless Reincarnation will return real soon!

Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu was one of the highly anticipated anime of its time but the release turned out to be pretty controversial among the fans as well as the critics. The series was harshly criticized for having ostensibly misogynistic elements.

The manga and anime based on Rifujin na Magonote’s light novel series having the same name were also brought into the hate and controversy however Magonote responded to some of the controversial comments but this only led to the series getting more attention.

The initial two seasons were a great hit among the audience and the cliffhanger by the makers left us watchers wanting for more. Well, there’s good news because we have information about the upcoming season of the series.

Here is everything we know about season 3 so far:

What is Mushoku Tensei About?

The anime follows the story of a jobless man that lived a useless life in his time, in the end, he was given another chance but he gets reincarnated into a new world full of magic and he decides to live his new life without any regrets this time.

The Story So Far

The ending of the last episode that aired could be pretty much called a cliffhanger. Episode 23 left us with Sylphy with her comrades without finding any clue that could lead her to her master. Meanwhile, Rudeus starts getting flashbacks of his previous life which he calls a time of utter misery.

Ghislane and Eris have set off on their individual adventures to get more powerful so that they can defend Rudeus against his fight with Orsted. The season concluded by showing us what the next steps will be for our party’s members.

The plot of Season 3

The third season will feature our party getting separated and going their separate ways to gain power and achiever their individual objects on the way. As of now, not much information has been revealed by the studio responsible for Mushoku Tensei.

In season 3, we might finally find out the identity of the unknown organization that Sylphie has been persuading Rudeus to join. Rudeus on the other hand is all set to make some life-changing decisions and will embrace his present.

Mushoku Tensei Season 3 Release Date

The second season of Mushoku Tensei premiered on 4 October 2021 and after a long release of 23 episodes, it finally ended on 20 December of the same year. As of now, the studio is yet to announce a date for season 3 release but if we speculate from the past releases then we can expect season 3 to be introduced in Q3 or Q4 this year. As for the manga, it is still ongoing with 15 volumes.

If you are really restless then you can go ahead and read the manga or replay the past two seasons of the series.



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