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Ms. Marvel Series Premiere: Non-Spoiler Review

How well has the series taken off?

Ms. Marvel premiered as a TV show recently and first reviews are already flooding in. With some reviews being critical of the series, most have appreciated the series for what it is so far. We have already seen with Spiderman that superhero stories combined with the coming of age genre are a huge hit among the audience and that is exactly what Ms. Marvel has done as well.

We were introduced to Iman Vellani’s vibrant portrayal of the popular Marvel character which does not take inference from the comics too much. Today we talk about the series and give you a completely spoiler-free review of the series.

Here’s what you should know:

The Story

The story involves Kamal Khan coming to terms with her powers while also struggling with the life of a Pakistani American teenager living in America. With how Moon Knight tried to not associate itself with the MCU at all, Kamal Khan’s Ms. Marvel does the exact opposite.

We see the story from the eyes of a person who has seen the events of the Marvel Cinematic Universe exactly like us but unlike us, she saw it while being a part of that universe itself. In that regard, the story is somewhat like Kate Bishop’s from Hawkeye series with the big difference being she does not meet her heroes (so far).

The six-episode season is yet to reveal its complete plot so by far we have seen the fangirl teenager who dreams of being the cool version of her not-so-popular self. She has also seen the battle of New York and wept over the death of Iron Man just like us.

The series follows the superhero origin story from the perspective of a Muslim. She is a huge fan of Captain Marvel and plans to join the cosplay convention in the dress of Captain Marvel. The first two episodes follow Kamala coming to know about her powers and trying to control them.

Ms. Marvel’s Character

As mentioned previously, Kamala’s powers are not copied from the comics. In the comics, her powers are activated by the Terrigen Mist which allows her to alter her mass and stretch her limits. However, in the series, she uses her powers through her family heirloom which lets her manifest light physically.

The change is very big however, Kevin Feige claimed that these changes are done for her powers to tie her role in The Marvels as well as her family history and heritage. We are yet to see how the fans will react to her new powers.

Audience Reviews And Reactions

Here’s what the netizens have to say about the premiere of the series:

So far, the series has kept the feelings that the comics had and explored how Kamala’s Ms. Marvel character will fit into the MCU as well as the next generation of the Avengers.



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