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Mr. T Deserves Better For WWE Hall Of Fame Speech

Anyone familiar with the history of The Ultimate Warrior was eagerly anticipating what kind of whacky, crazy speech Jim Hellwig would give at the WWE Hall of Fame. Yet it was a forgotten wrestling hero whose speech is making headlines.

[adinserter block=”1″]Mr. T went into the WWE Hall of Fame Saturday night and gave the best speech you will ever hear from a celebrity entering the WWE Hall of Fame. T focused on his relationship with his mother and family which was fun, heartwarming, and inspirational. Yet the speech has become a polarizing subject in the wrestling community with most mocking the celebrity for his content. Ironically this same crowd thought it was funny for a pro wrestler with a history of alcohol problems to get up in the middle of a speech with a beer in his hand. And you wonder why pro wrestling fans are generally mocked outside of the business?

I thought T’s speech was not only the best celebrity induction speech I have ever heard at the WWE Hall of Fame, but one of the most genuine speeches I have ever heard from a celebrity accepting anything. I loved it for the fact that T obviously took the moment seriously, something you rarely get from celebs receiving the same honor. Ironically T is getting blasted for this whereas it was just last year that Donald Trump got criticized for not taking it seriously enough. You can’t have it both ways.

Not only should T’s speech be appreciated, but T deserves much better from the wrestling world. This may rattle some of you but the fact is this. If not for Mr. T participating in WrestleMania 1, there would probably not have been a WrestleMania, nor would pro wrestling have exploded the way it did in 1984. Every single WWE star and fan owes this man a great deal of gratitude, much better than the reaction he is receiving today.

Let’s step back for a second and think about WrestleMania without Mr. T. Would MTV have cared? Maybe they would have due to Cyndi Lauper’s involvement or maybe she would not have been enough to lure in the network? I was a fan at this time and all I remember is seeing Mr. T and Hulk Hogan on every talk show you could imagine. I can’t remember seeing Cyndi Lauper on one of them. Take Mr. T out of the equation and the media buzz disappears and you are left with just another wrestling super card.

This is not meant to be a sign of disrespect to the roster of WWE wrestlers who helped make this show possible. Roddy Piper was the greatest big time heel I have ever seen. He could have drawn money with anyone back then. Hulk Hogan had the charisma and a connection with the fans not seen since the days of Bruno Sammartino. Yet the two of them could only draw so much without a boost from popular culture. These guys needed Mr. T much more than he needed them.

Sending Kane out to cut Mr. T off was ridiculous. I know this is a television production but if there is anyone that Vince McMahon should allow to speak for as much as they want it is Mr. T. Sending Kane out there was not necessarily disrespectful. Sending Kane out with his music and turning T’s moment into some kind of a wrestling angle was disrespectful in my opinion. Especially in the midst of one of the classiest speeches ever given at a Hall of Fame induction.

[adinserter block=”2″]So while it may be cool and fun to mock Mr. T today for talking about his family and offering inspiring words to an unwilling audience, it just isn’t deserved or fair. I wish more people took the WWE Hall of Fame as seriously as Mr. T did. For that I believe he deserves to be praised, appreciated, and respected. He deserves much better for his contributions and it is disappointing that most fans refuse to give him the proper credit he deserves.

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  1. This whole thing was disgusting and insulting. T was slapped in the face by wwe – they owe him an apology. Everything you said above is true. Lita should have been cut off way into her pathetic rambling nonsense speech.

  2. As far as the ‘time limit’ argument: So it only applies to Mr. T? Because Lita et al went on forever.
    Mr. T’s tribute to his mother was a classic. His opening prayer was a classic. His inspiration and dedication to those in the ghetto was a classic.
    I love WWE & Vince McMahon. They are the best in the entertainment business. Also they are the best in charity & to our soldiers and for that they deserve admiration.
    But they indeed disgraced themselves with MR. T. As a staging director I can tell you there are plenty of ‘dignified’ ways to tell a speaker that his time is up. Of course the oldest & the simplest is to put a time alarm light right on the podium that flashes as your time is up. I am shocked t that the WWE, the very best staging company in all of entertainment, was not prepared for Mr. T AND the others.
    God Bless Mr. T
    Veterans Day & The WWE at

  3. Eric can u please try and email at . I 1000000000% agree with this. Its 3:30am in new york and i was drifting off. when kanes music hit i was in shock that the wwe would even do this. He had the best speech of the night to me. The warrior went on for an hour, there was more then enough time. I wish this post could be spread so the wwe could get ahold of it. Wwe f$#ked up. And the fact the kane came back out and said” let me talk about my daddy” made me sick. Great post

  4. No people only respect half stoned, slurred speech has beens like Kevin Nash. That jack hole made a comment about the Bible right out the gate. Nash is a piece of trash and although I appreciate everything that was said by everyone, Mr Ts speech was awesome and freaking genuine to the core. I believe more people appreciated it than the OP was letting on. The entire crowd broke out with the “this is awesome” chant during Ts speech after all.

    • truthfully kevin nash is very respected when it comes to the world of wrestling don’t get me wrong i don’t think what they did to mr t was wright but calling nash trash is bull shit


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