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WWE The Life and Times of Mr. Perfect – DVD Review

The Life and Times of Mr. Perfect DVD is a tribute, documentary, and time capsule of one of the greatest wrestlers in WWE history. The two-disc set pays homage to WWE Hall of Fame wrestler Curt Hennig. The compilation and production done by the WWE is absolutely…perfect!

Curt Hennig was always one of my favorite wrestlers growing up. Needless to say I was ecstatic when the DVD arrived and I had the chance to relvie the greatness of Curt Hennig.

There was something different about Curt Hennig than the other wrestlers of his generation. Unlike most wrestlers of that time period, Curt brought an excitement and athleticism that would pioneer a later generation of sports entertainers. Curt Hennig made a tremendous impact on the WWE when he returned as Mr. Perfect in the late 1980s. Hennig’s style was unique and along with Bret Hart, Randy Savage, and the British Bulldogs, helped change what a WWE match would look like. About the only guarantee you could get from a WWE show during that time period was that you wouldn’t see a bad Mr. Perfect match.

The WWE released its tribute to Mr. Perfect on DVD in 2008. The Life and Times of Mr. Perfect is a 2-disc DVD set full of matches, vignettes, and a documentary. The documentary was well done and features Curt’s father Larry, his wife, his son, Wade Boggs (one of Curt’s best friends), Greg Gagne, and several current and former WWE stars.

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There were some interesting tidbits thrown into the Curt Hennig documentary. For one, Bruce Pritchard tells a fun story about how the WWE would keep the cameras rolling and catch Curt hitting his shots unbeknownst to him for the Mr. Perfect vignettes. Another story which is quite moving is Wade Boggs recalling a story about Curt saving his life. I have to beg the WWE for one thing and that is to keep Arn Anderson off of their DVDs. Arn Anderson talks on these DVDs like it is 1985 and that we believe pro wrestling is still real. Arn talks about Curt joining the N.W.O. and my God, you just want to groan when he talks about anything related to a storyline. Arn it’s 2010 (2008 when this one was produced) and the cat is out of the bag!

Curt’s story is a humbling story of a man that reached the pinnacle of success with a lot of hard work. Unlike some recent second generation wrestlers, Curt worked his butt off to get to the big time. Curt also appreciated all of his success and had a great time with life. There are a ton of candid clips on the documentary which feature Curt laughing and smiling in all of them. I had Curt on my radio show before he passed away. I have to honestly tell you that he was one of my favorite guests and best interviews in show history.

I remember telling people afterwards how much fun Curt was. The guy was constantly joking around or laughing and loved life. I had no idea that the Mr. Perfect I got was the Mr. Perfect that everyone in his life experienced. One thing you can say about Curt is that he was and is still very much loved by his family. I can’t remember ever hearing a father talk about their son in pro wrestling the way Larry Hennig does. It is also evident that Curt’s wife and kids are still having a tough time with his passing. There is no denying the amount of love people had for this man.

The hard part about telling Curt Hennig’s story is the way it ended. Curt died of a cocaine overdose on February 10, 2003. To this day his friends and family are still stunned as to how it happened. One bad choice should not discount the amount of good that Curt did while he was alive. Curt was a man who put his life into his profession and his family and for that, you have to admire him.

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Once the DVD ended I watched back some of the matches and was reminded of just how talented he truly was. The 60-minute draw with Nick Bockwinkel holds up the same today as it did in 1986. There are several matches with Bret Hart included in the set which are all outstanding. Hulk Hogan never looked so good in his match with Curt from Madison Square Garden. All in all the WWE did a fantastic job with match selection for the DVD.

I would highly recommend this DVD to wrestling fans whether they are familiar with the talents of Mr. Perfect or not. As a matter of a fact, I would recommend the set more for fans who haven’t seen Curt Hennig. Wrestling fans owe it to themselves to appreciate the talents of one of the greatest wrestlers of all-time. As a WWE superstar said on the DVD, “Curt Hennig is probably the greatest wrestler never to hold a WWE world title.” I couldn’t agree more.

# Disc 1:

– Documentary:
* Perfection
* Twin City Origins
* Building a Path
* Mr. Perfect
* Living up to His Name
* Intercontinental Champion
* The Prankster
* Commentator
* Return to the WWE
* A Sudden Tragedy
* Hall of Fame
* The Perfect Legacy Lives On

* “Rap is Crap” Music Video

– Matches:

* Curt Hennig vs. Eddie Gilbert
Madison Square Garden (21/11/82)

* Curt Hennig & Scott Hall vs. Steve Regal & Jimmy Garvin
AWA Championship Wrestling (26/11/85)

* Mr. Perfect Hall of Fame Induction
WWE Hall of Fame (31/03/07)

– Vignettes

* Billiards October 1, 1988
* Golf – Perfect Putt October 1, 1988
* Darts October 8, 1988
* Bowling October 8, 1988
* Chess October 15, 1988
* Basketball October 15, 1988
* Ping Pong October 28, 1989
* Diving November 4, 1989
* Golf – Perfect Drive November 4, 1989
* Horseshoes November 24, 1989
* Baseball with Wade Boggs December 26, 1992
* Football – Perfect Passer with Steve Jordan February 13, 1993
* Basketball with Felton Spencer February 27, 1993
* Hockey with Mike Modano March 13, 1993
* Stories
* Curt Loved Karaoke
* Lifestyles of Mr. Perfect

# Disc 2

* 60-Minute Time Limit AWA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Curt Hennig vs. Nick Bockwinkel
AWA Championship Wrestling (15/11/86)

* Curt Hennig vs. Terry Taylor
Commentary By: Michael Cole & Mick Foley
WrestleFest (31/07/88 )

* Mr. Perfect vs. Bret Hart
Madison Square Garden (24/04/89)

* WWE Championship Match
Mr. Perfect vs. Hulk Hogan
Madison Square Garden (15/01/90)

* WWE Intercontinental Championship Match with Special Referee Roddy Piper
Mr. Perfect vs. The Texas Tornado
Madison Square Garden (24/11/90)

* WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Bret Hart vs. Mr. Perfect
SummerSlam (26/08/91)

* WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Mr. Perfect vs. Shawn Michaels
SummerSlam (30/08/93)

* Curt Hennig vs. Bret Hart
Uncensored (15/03/98)

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  1. I remember seeing a young Hennig wrestle in the Bostion Garden in December 1981, my first live wrestling card. He defeated another prelim wrestler named Ron Shaw (anyone who watched 1980s Saturday morning WWF wrestling probably remembers Shaw). At the time, Hennig was a jobber who got some offense in during his matches, but he was fiery even then. While it was no surprise he became a great wrestler, I'm not sure I would have believed young Hennig would have pulled off the Mr. Perfect character so well. For me, he's right up there Ted DiBiase Sr. as heels who should have held the WWF world title at some point. Even at the tail end of his career doing the rednecks in WCW, he made the "Rap is Crap" gimmick fly.

  2. Great DVD, although it's hard to sit through the 60 minute Bockwinkle match more than once. I love long matches (especially if they involve Ric Flair), but this one is tedious and unfortunately takes up a good amount of space on the second disc. Regardless, this one is definitely worth picking up.

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