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Now is the time to move John Cena back to SmackDown – Inside the Wheelhouse

John Cena SmackDownWhen this past week’s WWE RAW went off the air and I came to thinking about what I could write about this week, one topic immediately came to my mind as I looked back at this week’s show.

CM Punk is at the top of his game right now and could easily carry Monday Night RAW, especially with this current Triple H storyline that fans are hoping lasts until Wrestlemania 28. CM Punk could create new stars, develop fresher storylines and the WWE can capitalize on his current rising popularity. But that can only happen if one thing was to take place…

[adinserter block=”2″]Moving John Cena back to where it all started for him…SmackDown.

John Cena is at the plateau right now where fans have wanted something more from him in the past year or so. During the whole Nexus storyline people wanted Cena to become a heel, that didn’t happen. Currently during this storyline with CM Punk he is not as popular with the majority of fans as Punk is. His storyline with The Rock earlier this year, which appears to be re-starting come Survivor Series, makes him look more like the hated wrestler in the feud then The People’s Champ. Now is the time to move him back to the Blue brand.

Keeping Cena on RAW slows down the current evolution of wrestling that is taking place on RAW. Punk as a face and Del Rio as a heel, with Triple H in the mix, could carry RAW all the way to Survivior Series. Throughout this time we can keep building towards a hopeful and potential Punk/Triple H program, one that can mirror a modern day Austin/McMahon and have it conclude at Wrestlemania 28. Punk can wrestle programs with the likes of Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth and The Miz on the RAW throughout this time, despite what the WWE may think RAW doesn’t need John Cena.

Moving John Cena back to SmackDown will only help the ratings on Friday night’s. Recently the WWE has seen a dip in ratings over on SmackDown that could cause concern for the company if it wasn’t in the summer months. But when you think about it, John Cena on Friday night’s would help the ratings as who is typically home on a Friday night? John Cena’s fan base of children.

They would tune in week after week to watch John Cena and the ratings would probably see a rise from where they have been lately. I don’t know if Cena ever makes that heel turn may fans have hoped for because of the merchandise sales and how much of an ambassador he is for the company. The only way I’d see Cena turn heel at this point would be if the WWE went away from the PG rating. If that is how it will be then might as well keep Cena a face and on a brand that needs him, SmackDown.

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Cena on SmackDown could seriously help the face side of the brand and give him some fresher storylines from what he may get over on RAW. A Cena/Christian feud would finally be interesting to watch as they never really tapped into that gold mine of a feud back in 2005 when Cena started getting big & Christian was calling him out. Christian would be a great World Champion heel to John Cena’s challenger face.

You could also put him in the mix with Mark Henry who has been repackaged as a monster again. While a Cena/Mark Henry match isn’t something I’d consider to be my first choice of dream matches, I have to give credit to the WWE for the way they have booked Henry lately. He’s dominating again and a legit contender for the World Heavyweight Championship on the SmackDown brand. Cena/Henry would be a good “big man” match to have on the card and build as a feud.

Finally you could also give us John Cena vs. Randy Orton again. It’s been a while since these two have crossed paths after they did so for a good amount of years. I never thought I’d see the day where John Cena and Randy Orton would both be on the SmackDown brand but it would be something good for the company at this point in time. These two guys are looked at by the majority of fans as “RAW material” and SmackDown needs ratings, might as well put your two top guys on the same brand on the struggling show to give it that jump in the ratings it needs.

I can not talk about SmackDown & John Cena without talking about The Rock. Having Cena on SmackDown will only help fuel the eventual big program heading into Wrestlemania season. The Rock always claimed SmackDown to be his show and coined the phrase “SmackDown,” so having “The People’s Champion” return to his show to do battle with Cena would be pretty epic for the SyFy Network. While I’m thinking a little outside the box on this one, I think we all know where Cena & The Rock would be showcased when it comes to network television…

[adinserter block=”1″]If the WWE wants to capitalize on this CM Punk train and not to turn John Cena heel then I say make the move of sending Cena to SmackDown. It would keep him as a face, help SmackDown’s ratings greatly and give the fans what they want by making CM Punk the star of RAW & giving him the ball. I think the WWE is starting to go back to the days where they listened to the fans and this could be a good sign of it should they choose to do it. It’s been teased in the past but I think now is the time to give the SmackDown brand John Cena.

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  1. John needs a heel run and some time training to become a better wrestler. His moves and shtick are getting very old.
    He has a great in-ring presence. It's just been way to long with the same old Sh$$.

  2. This is one of the stupidest articles I have seen in a long time!! Even a Punk mark like you should be smart enough to realize that CM Punk could in NO WAY carry Raw! You have got to be delusional (probably just wishful thinking on your part). John Cena is the face of the WWE and as such has carried Raw for quite a few years and will continue to do so for quite a few more. CM Punk is the flavor of the month – it only took fans on Raw 3 weeks to cool on him. WWE insiders are saying that he isn't getting the reaction from the crowds they thought he was going to (except for his hometown crowd of course). If you watched Raw 8/1 you could easily see that. CM Punk DOES NOT have the charisma or star power to fill an arena and Raw's ratings when Punk was the "star" actually went down. This whole CM Punk worked shoot has not been as great ratings wise at Punk marks thing it is. Whether you admit it or not is irrelevant but Cena is the star of the show!!!

  3. Oh god, please no more Cena VS Orton. I don't think I can handle it. Do you remember how little the fans cared during the Royal Rumble? I don't think I could stand a silent main event.

  4. I agree with all of your logic on this but that may be too much to ask for from WWE creative. As long as the WWE stays in this PG mode they've been in for far too long, Cena will be on Raw. Raw is the flagship, and like it or not, Cena is their Hulk Hogan.

    I would love Punk to be the top dog and agree that he could carry Raw. Cena is though to be so good on the mic, but Punk blows him away in my opinion. Plus he can actually wrestle. And yes, Cena would help Smackdown a lot and legitimize it more than Orton does.

    I guess it's all up to HHH. He told Punk at Comic Con that is was a "new regime." Maybe he'll pull the trigger on a move like that and take this company in a new direction. But I doubt it.


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