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Most Obnoxious Pro Wrestlers On Twitter

Matt HardySocial media savvy professional wrestlers have utilized Twitter to develop special relationships with their fans, giving fans unfiltered access to their favorite WWE & TNA superstars. Unfortunately, that isn’t always a good thing.

Many professional wrestlers have embraced the power Twitter, using the social media portal to engage their fans and break down the barrier between fan and celebrity. Yet, the same can’t be said for a handful of others who have used Twitter to pick fights with other wrestlers, argue with fans, complain about their job, mock their company, and in some cases get fired.

It’s funny because while more WWE and TNA wrestlers have started to use Twitter over the last couple of years, not much good has come out of it. As a matter of a fact, I can’t think of one wrestler that elevated his or her status in the WWE or TNA through tweeting. However, I can think of plenty of others that have wound up in the principal’s office due to some questionable tweeting, most after midnight.

One of the things I like about Twitter is that you can get to know a wrestler outside of the ring, away from his or her character. The best I have found is Randy Orton. Orton is probably one of the real on Twitter for shooting straight with his fans. Even more impressive about Orton, is that he pretty much only tweets with fans. That differs from a lot of his colleagues who while on Twitter, spend most of the time tweeting inside jokes or having conversations with fellow wrestlers and rarely engage fans. The other thing I like about Orton is that he will have fun with critical fans, as opposed to some wrestlers and celebrities who only tweet back or retweet fans who are stroking their egos.

[adinserter block=”2″]There are plenty of other good ones. John Cena is pretty good, although he doesn’t give you the same no frills response that Orton does with fans. The Rock is another one who appears to have a lot of fun with fans, especially the Cena Nation. I would even go as far as to say that Hulk Hogan is a great follow on Twitter. He seems to genuinely take time to answer fans questions, although his answers may not come off as genuine at times, especially about TNA Wrestling. Steve Austin, Chris Jericho, and CM Punk are okay, but they tend to get caught up tweeting back and forth to fellow wrestling friends on Twitter than having any extensive dialogue with fans.

Unfortunately not all pro wrestling twitter accounts have been created the same. As a matter of a fact, there are a few that will drive you crazy with their whining, complaining, and just flat out delusional. The more you read some of these Twitter accounts the more obnoxious they get. So with that said, I wanted to run down a list of the most obnoxious pro wrestlers on Twitter. Leave me a comment and let me know if I missed anyone. But remember, these are wrestlers not managers, announcers, bookers, or personalities. So before you drop Dixie Carter and Eric Bischoff’s names, keep in mind this is wrestler’s only!

Mat Hardy @MATTHARDYBRAND – How can you start off a blog about obnoxious pro wrestlers on Twitter without putting Matt Hardy at the top of the list? Matt has the honor of being in a small class of pro wrestlers that wound up in the dog house thanks to Twitter in both the WWE and TNA. Here is a guy that while in the WWE told fans to buy tickets to a TNA show and while in TNA Wrestling told TNA fans to get refunds at upcoming house shows he wasn’t booked on. Even more obnoxious, Hardy took full credit for a ratings increase one week when he appeared on Impact yet never acknowledged his responsibility for the endless weeks of bad ratings on shows he appeared on. I won’t even get started on Matt’s review of his own matches which apparently are all great.

Matt is probably a prime example of how Twitter can damage your reputation. Before Twitter, Matt was seen as something of a hero to the Internet Wrestling Community, similar to the way the IWC reacted to CM Punk. Yet thanks to endless complaining and arrogant tweets he has turned a great majority of those fans against him. Point being, the more you got to know Matt the less you liked him. I don’t think you will find anyone on Twiter as obnoxious as Matt although our next social media diva is coming very close.

Gail Kim @gailkimITSME – The former (well technically current) WWE Diva has really given Matt a run for the money lately as far as obnoxious pro wrestlers on Twitter. Kim has recently spent a great deal of her time whining and complaining about the way she was being booked in the WWE. Just over the weekend she tweeted that she has no respect for Vince McMahon. It has gotten so bad for Ms. Kim that even her loyal Twitter followers have started sending her tweets about how obnoxious her tweets have become. To her credit, she does respond to them but the responses are even more obnoxious at times than the original tweet in question.

Look I get it. You are upset that you aren’t being used. But going on Twitter and making a mockery out of eliminating yourself in a RAW battle royal just comes off as pathetic. She was in TNA being used great a few years ago but made the choice herself to go to the WWE for the money, knowing the sacrifice she’d be making in television time by walking away from her role as the face of TNA’s Knockouts division. There are thousands of independent pro wrestlers that are struggling day to day (some in TNA) to make end’s meat, so going on your Twitter and whining about your 3 minute match on WWE RAW while receiving a healthy paycheck is about as obnoxious as it gets in my opinion.

Kurt Angle @anglefoods1 – Speaking of delusional, it doesn’t get more delusional than Kurt Angle on Twitter. Angle will randomly tweet some of the weirdest stuff you’ll ever read from a pro wrestler on Twitter. His most obnoxious tweets came earlier in the year when he started picking fights with WWE wrestlers, specifically Jack Swagger and Randy Orton for using his moves. You know, the same Ankle Lock he “stole” from Ken Shamrock. His endless praising of TNA while respectable as an employee, can also be a little over the top obnoxious as well.

Oh and I almost forgot about Angle’s Twitter being hacked which CM Punk explained on Twitter was code for I was drunk when I sent out that ridiculous tweet last night. It’s bad enough to openly send a ridiculous tweet, but to use the old “I was hacked” excuse is pretty pathetic.

Shane Helms @ShaneHelmsCom – There must be something in that North Carolina water because Helms has done his best to out-obnoxious his buddy Matt Hardy on Twitter. Like Chavo Guerrero, Shane Helms took to Twitter immediately after being released by the WWE to blast some of his former co-workers. You know, the ones he didn’t have the guts to say anything to for the last decade.

Shawn Michaels became Helms’ biggest target, as did HBK’s fans. Why Michaels? Well apparently a forty-plus retired professional wrestler was the easiest target. He has made claims about everything from Michaels’ religion to his Hall of Fame status to calling him a drug abuser. At one point he even called Shawn’s fans “retards.”

Actually in fairness to Sugar Shane, he can be one of the best tweeters out there when he isn’t calling out fans and questioning former co-worker’s religious practices. He spends a lot of time answering questions, interacting with fans, reflecting on his career, and offering amusing anecdotes. Unfortunately all of the personal attacks against Michaels land him on this list.

The Ultimate Warrior @UltimateWarrior – Here is a guy that created a Twitter account specifically to communicate with Hulk Hogan. See, the Warrior still believes it is 1989 and people are interested in seeing him wrestle Hulk Hogan. Immediately after Randy Savage died the The Ultimate Warrior created a Twitter account to blast Hogan about things he said about Savage. Warrior encouraged his followers to tweet or spam Hogan about it and turned into an obsessive Hulk Hogan stalker on Twitter.

As for interacting fans, he is great as long as you are complimenting him on his rhetoric. Otherwise you will be treated to a tweet like this.

“@TheJasonMarcus F*ck off, sh*t bag. Say that to my face when you cross my path. Let’s see if you can find the joke in your own tragedy. ABW”

Some role model wouldn’t you say?

Goldust @WWEGoldust – Meet the only WWE superstar banned by the company from having a Twitter account. Yes, that would be Goldust, the grandson of a plumber, Dustin Runnels. In a matter of months Goldust earned the reputation as the biggest “douchebag” on Twitter according to my good friends at WrestleChat. As they explained it, Goldust blocked all of his fans repeatedly on Twitter. Even the fans that sent him supportive tweets were blocked. It got to the point where Goldust just blocked anyone who asked him anything. Fans started getting so upset that they wrote letters to the WWE who in turn, banned Goldust from using Twitter earlier this year.

For the record it appears that Goldy is back on Twitter and playing nice with fans.

Chavo Guerrero @MexWarrior – Camel Clutch Blog writer Justin Henry recently did an extensive piece on Chavo’s Twitter musings but I’ll recap it. Days after Chavo Guerrero left the WWE he took to Twitter to repeatedly criticize John Cena. Hey listen, the guy is open for criticism but to hear these ramblings from the same guy that wrestled a leprechaun and dressed as Kerwin White, eh well I don’t think it holds a whole lot of water. Of course the irony here is that he had six years to tell Cena this when they worked together but instead, waited until he left to take his critique to Twitter.

However, nothing became more obnoxious than taking credit for the Cena vs. CM Punk Money in the Bank match the day after. See, according to Chavo it was his tweets that motivated Cena to have a great match with Punk at MITB. Yes because John Cena is so worried about winning Chavo’s praise, he went out there and turned it up at MITB.

Chris Masters @WWEMasterP – He isn’t nearly as obnoxious as some of the others but he is starting to creep into that short club. Masters has recently been more active on Twitter and a few weeks started complaining about WWE creative and his lack of a push. Well they responded by pushing him alright, pushing him out the door.

The ever so humble Masters went where every fired WWE superstar goes immediately after receiving future endeavors…Twitter. Masters’ first official statement came right out of the Matt Hardy social media playbook.

“Watch any match I’ve worked in the last year and tell me I wasn’t one of the best in ring guys in the company.I’m just saying!”

Well, actually I could tell you that. But he doesn’t want to hear from me anyway. Even more obnoxious is Masters’ blatant attempts to get a job in TNA on Twitter. Hey, nothing wrong with it although I would highly recommending deleting all of your previous tweets bashing Impact before you start pandering for a job. #justsayin

Michael Tarver @tyroneevansb20 – Who? You know, Michael Tarver from Nexus. Who? Yes that Michael Tarver has decided to tweet about John Cena since being released from the WWE. I’ll let you take one guess as to whether the tweets are complimentary or critical?

Tarver tweeted a story about Cena intentionally injuring him with a chair and then laughing at him in the locker room about it. Now that in itself isn’t obnoxious on his part, but what is obnoxious is that after he received a ton of negative feedback to the story, he backtracked on it and claimed that he never said that Cena never intentionally broke his arm when in fact, he did!

[adinserter block=”1″]Even more obnoxious, Tarver played the hacked card a few days later. Tarver claimed he was hacked because as you know, there are thousands of hackers looking to break into Michael Tarver’s Twitter account. Add this to numerous ramblings and odd tweets and you have one of the most obnoxious wrestlers on Twitter.

Kevin Nash @realkevinnash – We don’t hear much from Big Sexy these days on Kevin Nash’s Twitter, although that will probably change with his recent SummerSlam appearance. By reading his Twitter, Nash is still living in 1996 and has failed to come to grips on professional wrestling in 2011. Nash has bashed WWE’s youth movement on Twitter which is fine, his opinion, but at times it just comes off as downright obnoxious.

What may be more obnoxious is Nash offering prayers and blesses of God while days later calling fans “stupid f*cks”, calling Ricky Morton a “di*k s*cker”, or cursing out Twitter when they wanted a copy of his passport to verify his Twitter account. But hey, for a couple of bucks you can get a personalized video message.

Maybe most obnoxious was Nash’s response to fans who criticized his son’s singing voice. “They can wake up with a brain tumor or imploring them not to wear their seat belts, saying “god has a way of sending a&*holes through windshields.”

God bless!

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  1. I agree regarding Morgan. He plays a heel on television, yet he can't take even the slightest heat on twitter.

    Tarver actually strikes me as a nice guy. I teased him and he followed me. I apologized and he said "no need, my friend."

    I really enjoyed this article but I think the author could use a proof-reader. Just sayin'.

  2. Matt Morgan seems OK most the time. But the only way I know is that I subscribe to his RSS feed, because he blocked me shortly after he got Twitter. And it was all because I made a joke. He said all the MySpace and Facebook accounts under his name were fake. I said, "You're famous enough to get faked? jk." What made it incredibly obnoxious is he's always getting mad at fans for taking his jokes seriously and even blocked a guy for it right before me. I don't get how most the time he's a great guy interacting with fans, but has brief moments where he's a complete dick. Goldust, like you said, is much better after his Twitter suspension. Before that, I'd say he'd top this list.

    • I follow Goldust and have been since he got a Twitter account, and his blocking fans was completely out of control. He'd actually post tweets like "Time to start my daily Twitter blocking" or something similar, then he'd proceed to block a couple hundred people. What's worse is he would really have no legitimate reason to do so. They'd ask about his surgery or when he was coming back to wrestling and get blocked because he didn't feel like answering them.

  3. Most of the list I get but Masters? So far I haven't seen anything to truly warrant being on here. Melina should definitely have taken his spot. Kim isn't as bad as you say, but she isn't the best twitter user. Hopefully you won't insult me this time…

  4. All very true. I actually used to follow Hardy and Helms, but their obnoxious and self-righteous tweets caused me to stop following them, and I also lost any and all respect I had for either of them due to their behavior both on Twitter and elsewhere. I would also add Mickie James and Tara to the list if it was up to me. While I can't speak for now, Tara used to post a whole bunch of stuff bashing her former employer as well, to the point I couldn't take it anymore. As for Mickie James, once she got released from WWE, she devoted her Twitter to nothing but promoting her country music album, and last I heard has been using it as nothing more than to get fans to raise money for her to make another album. It's bad enough that she's promoting her "singing" on Twitter; but to beg people to pay to produce the album when you have enough money, and then still turn around and charge them for the album when you do eventually produce it?

  5. I stopped following Helms and Matt Hardy. Those guys are loony. I think I may stop following Gail as well, as some of my online friends have done as well.


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