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More WWE TV Appearances Confirmed for The Rock

The Rock will be live on RAW the day after WrestleMania 27 The Rock will no longer bring it via satellite. The Rock has officially been announced for two live WWE RAW appearances. The Rock will be live on RAW before and after WrestleMania 27. The Rock will also guest on the new WWE Tough Enough show this season.

For a guy that up until recently has made one live appearance in seven years for the WWE, The Rock is a very busy guy. Joey Styles tweeted last week that The Rock would be live in Atlanta the day after WrestleMania for RAW. Today two more appearances were announced that would seem to indicate that The Rock really isn’t going away, at least anytime soon.

On Friday afternoon The Rock wrote on his Facebook page, “Puttin’ Our Boots to Candy Asses” LIVE on RAW and ELECTRIFYING THE WORLD…3/28/11.”

[adinserter block=”2″]Entertainment Weekly also reported on their website Friday that The Rock would be making a guest appearance on Tough Enough this season. Fans of the Attitude Era are likely ecstatic about the news which likely indicates a dual Steve Austin and Rock appearance on WWE television. The report reads, “In the episode, Johnson works out with the contestants, judges a challenge and demonstrated his own skills in the ring.”

I don’t think anyone would argue that the return of The Rock has been anything less than a huge success. Business is up, ratings are up, and there is more buzz surrounding this year’s WrestleMania than several of the last WrestleMania events. From all appearances it looks like The Rock will be a regular part of WWE television which should prevent the usual WrestleMania drop off, at least in the interim.

The Rock will be appearing three times in eight days on WWE television through WrestleMania 27. Rock’s two RAW appearances coming up will mark the first time that “The Great One” has appeared live on back to back WWE RAW episodes since 2004 in angles leading up what would be his last match at WrestleMania XX. April 4 will makr the first time that The Rock appeared live on WWE TV two nights in a row since March 30, 2003 at WrestleMania 19 where he defeated Steve Austin and the following night March 31 on RAW where he was speared by Bill Goldberg.

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It will be real interesting to see where things go on the March 28 Chicago RAW. If The Rock and John Cena go face to face, what is left at WrestleMania 27? They could go down the same road that Steve Austin and Mike Tyson traveled where the two get into a confrontation on RAW but wind up working together at WrestleMania.

[adinserter block=”1″]I am also curious to see how this whole thing wraps up on April 4 in Atlanta. If The Rock and Cena meet face to face on March 28 and work together on April 3 at WrestleMania, what happens on April 4 and beyond? Optimists are hoping it will be the next chapter in the build to John Cena vs. The Rock at SummerSlam or WrestleMania 28. As things stand now, that match isn’t on the books.

Right now the only real criticism that John Cena can level at The Rock to garner some babyface support is that The Rock hasn’t appeared live. I can’t imagine any reaction to John Cena other than a sold out arena booing him at the top of their lungs if he stands toe to toe with The Rock. I can’t imagine that being a good thing unless the plan is for Cena to come out of this deal as a heel.

Once again The Miz will be a big loser here. I can’t ever recall a world champion booked this weak going into WrestleMania since Chris Jericho came into WrestleMania X-8 to wrestle Triple H as unified world champion. The week before and after WrestleMania 27 will feature John Cena vs. The Rock, not The Miz vs. John Cena. Perception is reality and if you want to know why The Miz lost close to 600,000 viewers on RAW this past Monday, there is your answer.

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