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More WWE Survivor Series 2012 Predictions

Survivor Series, the WWE PPV that started as a Thanksgiving tradition for its first four editions, and is known for its Tag Team Elimination Matches,is happening this Sunday, November 18, 2012. This year’s version is emanating from Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, IN. Being that I am from Lexington, KY, I will be in attendance, so my readers will get two blogs from me concerning this Sunday’s PPV. This blog I am writing will be my predictions, and a follow up blog will be my live thoughts.

Survivor Series has been also known for debuts of wrestlers such as the Undertaker, Kurt Angle, and Rocky Maivia (later to be known as The Rock). Survivor Series has been known for showcasing returning superstars as well, like John Cena and Edge (twice). The PPV also has been known for controversy, particularly for the infamous “Montreal Screwjob” involving Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, and Vince McMahon over Hart’s leaving the company, and the WWE (then WWF) Title.

[adinserter block=”1″]The 1997 Controversy always fascinated me. I guess that is why Survivor Series became my personal favorite PPV. I am always looking for some sort of screwjob somewhere in the matches. I will say one thing though. I am glad after all the bitterness on all sides that Bret and Shawn are on friendly terms. I am also pleased to see that Bret and WWE are on good terms as well.

Now, here are my predictions for the PPV:

YouTube Pre-Show Match: Zack Ryder & Santino Marella vs 3MB’s Heath Slater & Jinder Mahal

I like 3MB actually. I like their heavy metal act. They have some potential as a group. As workers, they are just alright at this point. I think they will improve with time. Ryder and Marella are a good comedy act.

Prediction: Slater & Mahal take it.

Divas Championship: Eve (c) vs Kaitlyn

This has to be the most boring feud I have ever seen. This will be a snooze-fest, or for me, a bathroom break. I could care less about this match.

Prediction: I wish “Who cares?” could be an option, but I will go with a title change here. Kaitlyn is the new Divas Champion.

US Championship: Antonio Cesaro (c) vs R-Truth

The buildup to this match has been non-extistant. I like how WWE builds up their big matches, but they need to build up the under-card as well. These young guys need to be build up also. I nearly forgot these two were on the card.

Prediction: Word is that WWE officials like Cesaro, so I think Cesaro retains.

World Championship: Big Show (c) vs Sheamus

I know HHH has been pushing for long title reigns, but I sure hope that this is not going to apply to the Big Show. I am bored with his reign already. Honestly, Show does not need the belt at this point in his career. He should be putting over others. I know that the roster is thin, but then again, WWE should have used the older guys that are now gone (HBK, Jericho, Batista, etc.) to put over some of the younger ones, so we don’t get stuck with a stale Big Show reign.

Why did I just write that? It is a broken record played over and over again. I am not the only one playing it too. WWE is just deaf to it.

Prediction: I hope I am wrong, but I think Show retains. I will jump out of my seat if I am wrong though.

WWE Championship, Triple Threat Match: C M Punk (c) vs Ryback vs John Cena

This has been the best built up match, and that is not saying much.

Of course, when WWE originally had Punk in the Elimination match, I was wondering if that was a swerve. I could not believe Punk was not going to defend his title at the PPV. Of course, it turned out to be a swerve/change of plans. Predictably, Ryback who was screwed out of a win at HIAC by that corrupt referee, Braddock, gets his rematch with Punk.

Also thrown into the match is John Cena, WWE’s Golden Boy. However, John Cena is embroiled in some “sex scandal” with the former Raw GM, A. J. Lee. The “evidence” is being provided (probably concocted) by the current “manager” Vickie Guerrero. The angle is “will Cena be too distracted to win back the WWE Title?” What a moronic angle.

Of course, this past Monday on Raw, Punk and Heyman mock the returning Jerry Lawler and his heart attack. I would not have been surprised if Lawler himself came up with the idea, even though many viewers thought it was tasteless. Remember, this is the same WWE that did that God angle with Shawn Michaels going into Backlash 2006, when Vince McMahon and his son Shane tagged against HBK and God. In that goofy match, God “walked out” on HBK, and Vince cut this stupid promo saying how “God abandoned HBK, etc.” That angle was the most offensive angle WWE has ever done, in my opinion.

Anyway, I am not sure how the Jerry angle is going to fit in the match, unless Punk tries to screw the Foley team . As far as the wrestling, this should be a pretty good match.

Prediction: I am thinking Punk retains somehow in a way that Ryback is still protected.

Team Foley (Randy Orton & WWE Intercontinental champion Kofi Kingston & WWE Tag Team champions Daniel Bryan and Kane & The Miz) vs Team Ziggler (Dolph Ziggler & Alberto Del Rio & Wade Barrett & Damien Sandow & Cody Rhodes*)

Originally, the teams were supposed to feature Ryback on Team Foley and Punk leading Team Punk, but as I previously said, the two were removed to compete in the WWE Championship Triple Threat match. This lineup should give the audience a pretty good to very good match.

I put an asterisk by Cody Rhodes’ name because at the NXT/Main Event/Smackdown tapings, Rhodes took a terrible fall early in the evening, and reportedly injured his shoulder, and/or suffered a concussion. ( ) The reason is that it is not known at this writing whether he will be able to participate or not. I hope he will be alright, nonetheless.

It is interesting that the Miz is apparently turning face. I say apparently, because he may appear to be turning face, but may end up staying heel, and wind up screwing Team Foley. I think I would like Miz as a face though, if they turned him.

[adinserter block=”2″]What will be interesting is how the feud between Foley and Punk will play out. I am guessing Punk will try to screw Team Foley somehow. Will Punk’s adviser, Paul Heyman have his other client, Brock Lesnar come down to spoil the party? Will Punk do it himself? Will Vickie and A J get into it? After all, Vickie is still attached to Ziggler. Will Team Hell No get into one of their squabbles?

Prediction: I am going to go with Team Foley. For some reason, I like them for the win.

Well, even though the buildup for the PPV hasn’t been what I would have preferred for one of the company’s “Big Four,” I think the top two matches could carry the PPV as far as workrate. I am looking forward to attending.

Terri Bey currently blogs for about Wrestling, NFL, and other sports/pop culture related subjects. Her work has appeared in BleacherReport and for Terri can be found here at Facebook- and at Twitter-

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Terri Bey currently blogs for about Wrestling, NFL, and other sports/pop culture related subjects. Her work has appeared in BleacherReport and for Terri can be found here at Facebook- and at Twitter-


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