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CM Punk vs. John CenaJuly 17 is the 2011 edition of the WWE Money In The Bank PPV which is emanating from the great city of Chicago, Illinois, the hometown of CM Punk, who is challenging John Cena for the WWE Championship. Before Punk’s fantastic worked-shoot promo of two weeks ago or so on Raw, I wasn’t really all that interested in this particular PPV.

Honestly, since Edge was forced to retire due to spinal stenosis in April, I have been having a hard time really getting into wrestling much at all. I still watch, and there ARE wrestlers on WWE I enjoy (Christian, Orton, Del Rio, Sheamus, Punk), but it just isn’t the same without Edge, I mean, a lot of my other favorites like HHH, HBK, Y2J, Batista, etc are either retired, semi retired, or on hiatus, so when Edge who is my personal hero besides one of my all time favorites(HBK is my #1 all time favorite), was forced into retirement, I just lost a lot of interest, UNTIL a one CM Punk sat down on the top of that ramp and cut that infamous promo.

I won’t go into the promo as there have been a lot of writers who have already written about it, and the promos that Punk, Vince, and Cena cut on the “go home” Raw this past Monday, so I am going to just make this blog my predictions for the PPV. Since I am already talking about the participants in the WWE Championship Match, I will start with that one.

[adinserter block=”2″]WWE Championship Match: John Cena (C) vs CM Punk. (Stips: If Punk wins and walks out champion, John Cena is fired): The back story is that after CM Punk cut that promo burying the company , including Stephanie, and HHH, and such, Punk got suspended. The following week, on the July 4th Raw, Cena calls out Vince McMahon who will appear at the end of the show. Later ,they have a number one contendership match which Alberto Del Rio wins. However, that win appears to be null and void when John Cena gets Vince McMahon to reinstate Punk after lecturing Vince about the First Amendment, etc. Vince reinstates Punk and puts in the match stipulation where if Punk wins and leaves as WWE Champion, Cena is fired.

Prediction:The finish of this match with all the possible scenarios has been analyzed to death, it seems. I think this will be a pretty good match. I don’t see Cena being fired, and I do not see Punk walking out the champ either. Terri’s Pick: Punk wins match by DQ, but Cena keeps WWE Title as Title can not change hands on a DQ.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Randy Orton (C) vs Christian (Stip: If Randy Orton gets DQ’d or if the referee makes a mistake, Orton loses, and Christian becomes the new champion: The back story is that Christian has been angry and frustrated, thus the heel turn, because after seventeen years in the wrestling business, he finally becomes the World Champion at Extreme Rules 2011, only to lose the belt in 5 days to Randy Orton.

Christian blames the fans for voting for Orton to be his challenger. Christian blames Smack Down GM Teddy Long for creating the match. Over the last couple of months, Christian and Randy Orton have feuded over the belt, and Orton has won, but in Christian’s mind, he feels that the refs, and Teddy Long are against him. In their last PPV meeting, Capitol Punishment, the referee didn’t catch that Christian’s leg was underneath the rope when the referee counted 123 and declared Orton the winner, thus the stipulation. Orton is fed up with Christian getting chance after chance at his title. However, Orton must hold his temper and not get DQ’d, or he loses his belt as well.

Prediction: This has been an awesome feud. It is one of the most interesting things on BOTH Raw AND Smack Down. Both men are doing very good jobs, especially Christian. It will be interesting to see what Christian can do to get Orton to get himself DQ’d. I wonder if Christian will have his “lawyers” at ringside watching the refs to make sure they are calling the match down the middle. This match should be one of the best worked matches on the show, along with the MITB matches.
Terri’s Pick: Randy Orton finds a way to retain his title.

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The Big Show vs Mark Henry: The back story of this match is pretty simple. The Big Show was out with a leg “injury” due to Alberto Del Rio’s ring announcer Ricardo Rodriquez’ driving the car into his (Show’s) leg. The Big Show returns and destroys just about everyone in sight, including Rodriquez on Raw, and put Mark Henry in a stretcher on Smack Down. Mark Henry then becomes this huge monster, and over the past few weeks has been attacking both Kane AND the Big Show. Smack Down GM Teddy Long made this match.

Prediction: This is what, the 100,000,000th push that Mark Henry has had with WWE? I mean, he was in the Nation of Domination. He was Sexual Chocolate, and “fathered” a hand with Mae Young? However, this time, they may have something. He is a real nasty brute of a man. I am enjoying this version of Mark Henry. Big Show may be looking for revenge, but Henry needs the win more . Terri’s Pick:Mark Henry

Diva’s Title: Kelly Kelly (C) vs Brie Bella: The Back story is that Brie Bella wants her Diva Title back from Kelly Kelly. Kelly Kelly won the title from Brie when Kelly was selected by the fans on that Power to the People Edition of Raw.

Prediction: I am sure Bella Twin Magic is going to come into play to try to get the belt back on Brie, but I don’t think it will work. Terri’s Pick: Kelly Kelly retains.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match (RAW) Alberto Del Rio vs The Miz vs Alex Riley vs Rey Mysterio vs Kofi Kingston vs Evan Bourne vs Jack Swagger vs R Truth:
No back story here as the winner of this match who climbs the ladder and gets the briefcase is the winner and has a year to “cash in” the briefcase for whatever title they choose on either brand.

Prediction: This should be a very well worked match given these participants. I expect many exciting spots provided by Mysterio, Kingston, Bourne, and Truth in particular. Since he didn’t get to use his number one contendership that he won on Raw, I suspect Del Rio should be the winner. Terri’s Pick: Alberto Del Rio

Money In The Bank Ladder Match (Smack Down) Sheamus vs Cody Rhodes vs Wade Barrett vs Justin Gabriel vs Heath Slater vs Kane vs Sin Cara vs Daniel Bryan
No back story here as well. Like with the Raw MITB Ladder Match, whoever climbs the ladder first and gets the briefcase is the winner, etc.

[adinserter block=”1″]Prediction: This is another match that should be a pretty good match. I could see Bryan and Gabriel , and Rhodes putting on a good show. Sheamus seems the likely winner.
Terri’s Pick: Sheamus

That is my prediction blog. I hope you all enjoy the PPV. I will be watching it with friends.

Full 2011 WWE Money in the Bank card…
John Cena vs. CM Punk for the WWE championship
Randy Orton vs. Christian for the WWE world heavyweight championship (DQ rule waived)
Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Alex Riley vs. R-Truth vs. The Miz vs. Evan Bourne vs. Jack Swagger RAW Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Daniel Bryan vs. Heath Slater vs. Kane vs. Justin Gabriel vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Sheamus vs. Sin Cara vs. Wade Barrett SmackDown Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Mark Henry vs. Big Show
Kelly Kelly vs. Brie Bella for the WWE Divas title

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