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More WWE Hell in a Cell 2011 Preview & Predictions

Hell in a Cell 2011Wow. I could have SWORN WWE just had a PPV two weeks ago. I think they did. Well, this Sunday, they are having yet another one. WWE wonders why they are having issues with fan interest and such? They should consider cutting back on PPVs for one. Anyway, that is another blog for another day.

This Sunday, WWE is presenting “Hell In A Cell” where both the World and the WWE Titles will be defended in Hell In A Cell” matches. Watching those recaps of previous Hell In A Cell matches on Raw and on Smackdown made me wonder why are they even bothering to have a PPV dedicated to the “Devil’s Playground” at all since they have gone to the very sanitized PG.

Yes, I know around WM27, they let some blood incidents go, and didn’t jump in and stop some bleeding like usual, and didn’t edit it out (Punk’s getting a broken and bloody nose on Raw comes to mind), but they evidently cracked down again with last week’s Smackdown when Cody Rhodes got busted open hardway, and not only did the refs clean him up, but the bleeding was edited off Smackdown when it aired.. However, starting at SummerSlam 2008 on forward, every single HIAC match has been without blood.

[adinserter block=”2″]Now, I am NOT , and I repeat, I am NOT a blood mark. I don’t care about blood. I do not believe you need blood to have a great match. There are plenty of matches out there with no bleeding that are all time classics. However, given the history of this match, being that the HIAC match is supposed to be a bloodbath, I just do not see how some blood would not hurt, and add some heat to the match. I mean, common sense would say that you would expect blood. If kids are WWE’s target market, then I just think the lack of blood sends the message of “See kids. These guys can wrestle in a huge cage, and they don’t even bleed.” I don’t think that is a good or the correct message to send.

Ok, enough of my ranting. Here are my predictions for the Hell In The Cell PPV. I warn you. This blog has a SPOILER in the sense that there is a 5th match as Smackdown has not aired in the United States as of this writing.:

HIAC Match: Three way for the WWE Championship: Cena (C) vs Punk vs Alberto Del Rio

Where in the world is Alberto Del Rio as far as being the next top guy? Thirteen months ago, he was called up, and pushed to the moon, and talked about his destiny. He had and still has a ton of potential. There were several occasions where Del Rio was supposed to win the World Title when he was on Smackdown, but plans were changed adnauseum. Due to Edge’s retirement, WWE moved up the draft, and Del Rio wound up on Raw. He FINALLY gets the WWE Belt by cashing in his MITB, and only got a five week reign because Vince got his panties in a bunch over a 2.7 Raw rating, and put the belt back on the Golden Child, John Cena. C M Punk, gosh, what has happened to him? I am not the biggest fan of his, but he was hot stuff several weeks ago. What is up with him now? I guess the powers that be didn’t want him to get through the glass ceiling.

However, at least he is getting his rematch. I wonder if the turmoil surrounding embattled COO Triple H and John Laurinaitis will play a part in the match, I mean, why HHH has not figured out it is Laurenaitis that is screwing him over, I don’t know.. Cena just got the title, and they could give it back to Del Rio as he looked strong in the Cell on the go home show, but I doubt Del Rio gets it back. Prediction: John Cena retains

HIAC World Heavyweight Championship Match: Mark Henry (c) vs Randy Orton

When I saw that Mark Henry was the new World Heavyweight Champion at Night of Champions, I had to paraphrase Vince Scully, I can’t believe what I just read. I was actually surprised WWE let their other Golden Child, Randy Orton lose CLEAN to Mark Henry and have Henry become the new champion. The Title change made sense considering Henry’s huge push as a monster. Great job by the Creative, and great job by Mark Henry himself. I do wonder if Christian who wants that “one more match” will interfere somehow. Prediction: Mark Henry retains.

WWE Diva’s Title Match : Kelly Kelly (c) vs Beth Phoenix

Well, the reason according to several sites that WWE didn’t give Beth the WWE Diva title at Night of Champions even though it was in her hometown of Buffalo, and it was quite obvious that crowd was ready for a title change was because it was in her hometown, and WWE did not want her to get a babyface reaction as she is a heel.That does make some sense. Of course, Kelly Kelly is WWE’s Golden Girl right now, so that also could be a reason for keeping the belt on Kelly as well. I think that they finally do the long awaited title change. It time for Beth to win.
Prediction: Beth Phoenix defeats Kelly Kelly to become the new WWE Diva Champion.

Sheamus vs Christian

Well, after Christian’s feud with Randy Orton ended, I was wondering what was going to be done with him. It looks like he is going to be feuding with Sheamus for a time. I am suspecting that Sheamus is next in line to face Mark Henry. Where this leaves Christian, who Vince has never been all that high on, I have no idea.
Prediction: Sheamus defeats Christian

Sin Cara vs Sin Cara
(SPOILER WARNING: This was announced at the SmackDown taping)

[adinserter block=”1″]Now, you didn’t think these two WOULD NOT have a match against each other. Evidently they are going to have a series of some sort. The back story of this is that the first Sin Cara (Mistico) was suspended for Wellness violation, and the second one (Mistico) came in near the end of the first one’s suspension. Anyway, the second one turned heel, and the first one came in and confronted him. I am confused even WRITING about this. Anyway, they are going to have grudge match at this PPV.
Prediction: They usually have the heel win the first match of a feud at the PPV , so I think the heel Sin Cara (#2) will prevail.

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