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More WWE Guest Host Wish List Fun

Megan Fox After reading Eric’s article about celebrity & wrestling guest hosts for Monday Night Raw, I couldn’t help but put my own wish list of sorts together. All probably have a snowball’s chance in Hell of happening, but would make for some interesting TV.

Michael Vick – Would never happen. But imagine Vick booking a Kennel From Hell match on Raw with himself as the referee. This has the potential to be more tasteless than the combination of the Katie Vick storyline & Mae Young giving birth to a hand.

Mickey Rourke – This probably would have been more effective back during WrestleMania season when “The Wrestler” was the big talk of wrestling fans. While the film has run its course, it could be one of those things that makes fans say “That was pretty cool.”

Megan Fox – With “Transformers” being the big summer movie so far, fans would tune in just for her sex appeal. It could make for some great comedic moments though. For example; The Miz trying to court her throughout Raw.

William Shatner – From Captain Kirk to Priceline Negotiator, this could give Shatner a worldwide platform to be a giant ham once again. And besides. How fun would it be to hear him scream “KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALI” like ‘KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN”?

Sacha Baron Cohen – Lifelong pro wrestling fan & good friend of John Cena. Imagine if he was Raw’s host. He could alternate between Bruno, Borat, & Jean Girard from “Talladega Nights” throughout the evening.

Rick Astley – The Raw host that would: never give you up, let you down, run around, or desert you. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know what a Rick Roll is. Raw would be a two hour long Rick Roll with Astley in charge for the evening. And do you remember the crowd reaction during McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania when it hit not once but twice while Vince was calling the guy? MONEY!!!

Christian Bale – Just for the rant on the “Terminator” set. He could actually put…*gasp* emotion in a promo.

The Iron Sheik – I worked sound for a wrestling show in New York last December where Sheik was the promotion’s commissioner. Watching Sheik verbally rape Danny Demanto & Kevin Matthews was the only enjoyable point of the evening. Upon ending the promo with the quote “I WILL F**K YOU IN THE A** & MAKE YOU HUMBLE” and legit ball tapping Demanto with his cane, the crowd of less than 300 burned themselves out just by chanting “SHEIK” as loud as they could.

Saving the best for last, and certain to pull in viewers because of how many people either love them or hate them, Co-hosts for the evening… President George W. Bush & Vice President Dick Cheney. If controversy creates cash, then THIS would be the motherload. They would either be the ultimate faces or ultimate heels depending upon what city they’re in. Given the fact that Mr. McMahon is a STAUNCH Republican though, I’m betting they’d go the babyface route.

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  1. I think brock lesner would make a good wwe guest and jim carey would also be great too.I also think ashley massaro should also guest host RAW.I think koby braynt would be good.the black eyed peas would be fun see them guest host.


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