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More Popular 2009 Halloween Costumes

Michael Jackson CostumePicture this scenario. You’re walking through your local costume shop, flipping through the racks for the perfect costume and it has happened once again!!! You don’t know what costume you want! You don’t even know what you’re going for! Luckily, I’m coming to your rescue! Below lies a list of the 5 most popular costumes. I refrain from calling them “clique” because each and every one of those costumes obviously has a certain edge to it that made it loved enough to become extremely popular.

Michael Jackson- Although the King of Pop is no longer with us, you bring his spirit back alive with costumes from the “Beat Music Video” to the “Thriller” video and my favorite the “Billie Jean” music video.
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[adinserter block=”1″]Barack Obama- Palin’s Out, Obama is IN! Celebrate the inauguration of our nation’s 44th president with a Barack Obama Costume. After all, the highest form of flattery is imitation, right?
Buy it here: Deluxe Barack Obama Adult Mask (this website also has great Hillary and Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Nixon, and JFK masks!)

Dorothy- Oh! I have feeling we aren’t in Kansas anymore! Now bring the charm of Dorothy anywhere you go on Halloween with your very own pair of ruby-red slippers and a basket to carry Toto.
Buy it here: Wizard Of Oz Dorothy Adult

Devil- Being bad never looked so good. Devil Costumes have taken on many shapes on forms, yet the color always stays true to that fiery red. Be prepared to heat up the room ;).
Buy it here: Devil Costumes

Angel- Now, how on earth(or in heaven) could I possibly bring up the devil costume without mentioning, the sweet Angel? It’s the perfect costume for those goodie-two shoes and for those bas girls who really want a wild Halloween.
Buy it here: Angel Costumes

Witch- No “most popular costume” list would be complete without the quintessential witch costume. For all we know, the witch probably was the first Halloween costume around. It must have been one hell of a good one because it stuck around so long and really doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon.
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[adinserter block=”2″]Other costumes that are very popular, but didn’t make the list:(: Star Wars Characters, Elvis, 20’s Flapper, 50’s Sock hop, Geisha, Harry Potter, Jack and Sally from “TNBC”, Batman, Shrek, and Marilyn Monroe.

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