More Features Announced for Madden 2010


madden2010The buzz is already underway in the video gaming community for Madden 2010. EA released some new screen shots and features this last week. Needless to say, Madden 2010 will have more attention to detail than any other Madden game in franchise history.

My love for Madden goes all the way back to the first edition for the Sega Genesis. Every year like an addict, I have to run out on opening day or as we call it “Maddenoliday” and buy the new version. The new features have me already counting down the days until August 14.

Finally it looks like they are going to do something about the ratings system. The player rating system is sometimes just downright ridiculous. There really isn’t much separation between a great quarterback and a very good quarterback. The new game alleges a whole new rating philosophy to solve this problem. We’ll see.

Once again EA has improved the quarterback position. The game promises to include improved quarterback play. The game promises an even more quarterback-specific rating for each player. EA also promises a more realistic drop animation for the QB.

[adinserter block=”1″]EA has also included a new throwaway option for quarterbacks. The new game will allow you to throw the ball away in the dirt rather than just throw it out of bounds. Additionally, the offensive line reportedly has a more realistic presence around the QB.

The quarterback continues to get a lot of love from EA. EA promises custom throwing-style animations for each quarterback. I can’t wait to see the Donovan McNabb pass at the feet.

As for individual players, the wide receiver and defensive backs will have improved route running. Thank God! If there is one thing that annoys me more than anything in Madden it is the route running of both positions. The game also promises more realistic acceleration, planting, and turning.

Other new features include;

[adinserter block=”2″]* New Gang Tackling – Multiple players will now gang up on the ball carrier to drag him down.

* Quarterback Improvements – Layered Blending.

* Procedural Awareness – System which allows each player to realistically follow the ball using head, eyes, neck and shoulders.

* Sim Style Gameplay – New game speed slider, lowered global game speed & more realistic pass speeds.

* New Creation Features– New accessories available including never before seen in Madden: QB towels, handwarmers, new realistic gloves, and arm bands

* Madden IQ Changes – Madden IQ remains however it will be something calculated primarily in the background as opposed to the intrusive nature of last year.

* Depth of Field – All new system which will not only improve the visual quality of the game but will allow a broadcast experience unlike previous versions.

For more information check out EA’s official Madden 2010 update blog at

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