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Moon Knight Season 2: Has the Series Been Renewed?

You can never guess when it comes to Marvel.

Ever since the Marvel Cinematic Universe started dabbing in the field of TV series, the whole definition of a TV series has changed. The series beautifully play along and continue the franchise with their perfectly-paced stories. The MCU had released 5 TV series so far and Moon Knight is the sixth addition to that collection.

The series premiered on 30 March 2022 and ended on May 4th. The series could be called the first of its kind in the MCU as it featured a much darker tone compared to other MCU shows so far. The series also featured the first superhero dealing with a dissociative identity disorder.

There were many positive reviews from fans and critics alike and the season finale left the fans asking for more. Now we wonder if Marvel Studios has any plans to continue the brilliant series and will there be a second season of Moon Knight?

Here’s everything we know:

Will There Be a Season 2?

When asked about the future of the Moon Knight series and if there will be a second season, Mohamed Diab said he had no clue about it. He said he was not given any information till now and he is also being kept in the dark about it just like the fans.

He said: “We don’t know if there’s a next season, I’m kept in the dark, just like the fans,” Diab added. We never discussed it being a season 2, but one day there’s going to be an expansion, but I don’t know how it’s going to look like.”

Grant Curtis, the executive producer of the show said he was hopeful about the continuation of the series but was also clueless about it. He said: “Where Moon Knight lands in MCU after this, I actually don’t know,” said Curtis, “As a fan, I want to know, because Oscar created such an engaging, emotional performance that people want to see more of the Steven-Marc-Jake story.”

A Possible Slip-Up by Marvel Studios

Apparently, Marvel Studios ended up being the one to give away the biggest hint to the fans accidentally. In an official tweet for the last episode of the first season, they announced that fans will soon experience the “series” finale of the show.

They quickly deleted the tweet and retweeted it again by replacing “series” with “season”. Now since series refers to the entirety of the show itself and not just one season, a “series finale” would have meant the end of the series.

Now replacing it with the “season” finale, Marvel Studios basically greenlit the next season of Moon Knight. It is unknown whether this was a typo or an orchestrated mistake to keep the fans confused.

The story certainly didn’t end and this was definitely not the last of Moon Knight, we are bound to see him in future MCU projects but the future of the series remains a question mark.



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