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WWE Flashback: Montreal Screw Job – The Match

Bret Hart Survivor Series 97Sunday, November 9th, 1997 – Montreal, Quebec, Canada-WWF Survivor Series 1997-We saw the main event putting rivals World Wrestling Federation World Heavyweight Champion Bret “the Hitman” Hart putting up his title against World Wrestling Federation European Champion “the Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels.

Something I thought was pretty interested and really enjoyed was when both competitors came out for their entrances, they were introduced in French. It would be neat if they keep doing that nowadays in the WWE.

Another thing that I totally thought was neat, awesome, amazing, and great, was the Winged Eagle WWF Championship. That title belt was one of the best WWF championship belts, ever! They, the WWE, should bring back that title. But that’s my opinion, thought.

Jim Ross pointed out when both men were in the ring that this feud, up to this point, was a 18 month feud.

A sign that I saw that made me laugh was a sign that said: “Chyna is a Man.” Good job sign. You made me laugh.

[adinserter block=”2″]When Bret Hart got into the ring after he gave his sunglasses to one of his fans, Hart and Michaels start it out with a fist fight, and somehow brought the battle outside the ring which made the match “officially” start later then the fight did.

The battle went back and forth from the outside of the ring and into the crowd, doing battle, making it seem like a uncontrolled fist fight. After coming back from battling in the fans the second time, Hart kicked Michaels in the groin and Michaels went down. Good stuff.

After the low blow from Hart to the “Heartbreak Kid,” they battled up the entrance ramp and Hart gave Michaels a back drop and then a suplex on the concrete.

Doing the all-out-brawl all over the arena, the two competitors finally got into the ring and the match officially started. After the match started, Bret hit Shawn with a inverted atomic drop, a move that I rarely see these days in professional wrestling, a move that I kind of miss. Seriously.

Michaels did a “Vintage Michaels” (thanks Michael Cole) and hit Hart with a flying forearm and nipped up. After which, I could be wrong, but I swear I heard a faint “Shawn is gay” chant from the crowd. A small laugh I did, then a confused thoughts started to come in. Then I remembered, Michaels did pose for Play Girl and Canada hated Michaels coming into this pay-per-view.

Something that the announcers mentioned was Bret Hart’s knuckles were bleeding. Why was this mentioned? I don’t know. Why am I mentioned this? I find this funny that the WWE announcers mentioned this. Vintage WWE announcers.

Another thing I found pretty great was a fan wearing a smiley face Mankind shirt was doing the DX chops to Michaels.

Michaels gave Hart a front face suplex on the steel steps. That would hurt, tons.

Those two men roll back in the ring and Hart starts to work on HBK’s left knee, kicking him in the knee and jumping on it on the bottom rope.

Michaels countered with a eye rake and Michaels went up-top and did a flying cross body and Hart countered and got a two count. After which, Hart put Michaels in a figure four with the turnbuckle outside the ring and broke at the four count, right before he got disqualified.

After which, Hart rolled into the ring, worked more on HBK’s knee, and put him in another figure four, right center in the ring, and Michaels countered by rolling onto his belly. After HBK countered, Hart grabbed the bottom rope and broke the submission.

Hart gave Michaels a beautiful snap suplex and a beautiful back breaker, a couple of moves that is rarely seen on WWE television and moves I wish we could see more of these days.

Hart went up-top to hit HBK with a double axe handle and HBK pulls Earl Hebner in front of Hart and Michaels got control of the match. Michaels then put Hart into the Sharpshooter.

“Ring the bell!” hollered Earl Hebner. The announcers went quite, not knowing what just happened. Jim Ross then asked in confusion: “What happened?” Then within 20 seconds, Jim Ross then said: “Wow, you talk about controversy.”

[adinserter block=”1″]A true statement from JR, a controversial moment in the WWE that still gets talked about 12 years later. Looking at this match with 2009 eyes, this match is still a good match. A match, I believe, back in 1997, is lot better than most of the 2009 matches now. Sucks that these two men never had a rematch from this match at the follow pay-per-view, because I am sure a rematch from this match would draw in huge buy rates and ratings. And with this swerve, known as the “Montréal Screw Job” helped the WWF beat WCW in the ratings war, and helped WWF dominate WCW and McMahon buying WCW from AOL/Time Warner. This is Eric Darsie from Minnesota, stuffed on a Thanksgiving night, excited for this coming up Saturday night to hang out with a couple of old friends, goodnight.

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Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels – Survivor Series 1997

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