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Money in the Bank Job well done WWE – Inside the Wheelhouse

Will CM Punk stay or leave the WWE?I said on this week’s edition of “The Still Real to Us Show” (available for download at *cheap plug*) that if CM Punk won & walked out of WWE Money in the Bank 2011 with the WWE Championship it would have to be a historic moment in wrestling history.

That the match needed to deliver and give the fans what they wanted & it did. WWE Money in the Bank will go down as one of the best pay-per-views, if not the best WWE PPV of 2011 and may go down as one of the most historically significant PPV’s of all-time. It’s what every wrestling fans wants at the end of a show or PPV & we got it, good wrestling, great storytelling and craving wanting more.

[adinserter block=”2″]The hype for the Pay-Per-View was unreal and something we haven’t seen like this since Wrestlemania 26 & if you weren’t hyped for that then you need to go back to ECW One Night Stand 2006. It was the buzz of the wrestling and pop culture worlds & it was bringing fans that left wrestling shortly after the “attitude era” back to their couches to watch a 3 hour WWE Pay-Per-View. For the last three weeks of WWE television wrestling has been deemed “cool” once again.

CM Punk’s promo following the RAW Roulette was one of the most talked about topics in social networking and pop culture outside of the wrestling world circles. It had the same impact as when The Rock returned to WWE television in February despite the ratings dip for the summer months. Had the WWE done this angle going into Wrestlemania 27 there would be no doubt that Wrestlemania 27 would be the most hyped & selling Wrestlemania of all-time. The fans ate up this storyline and rightfully so.

Wrestling fans enjoy realism in their storylines and this had the makings of those findings all over it. They want to feel the line of “is this real” or “is this not real” as they watch WWE television because that’s what makes it so damn compelling. Compelling storylines and great story tellers give us something to tune for, the great mat wrestling that follows after that is icing on the cake and that is what this storyline delivered.

What we have seen the last three weeks is that CM Punk has officially broken through whatever pieces were left blocking him in the glass ceiling of the WWE. He is a legit and forever will be a main eventer in the WWE. His career, despite all his accolades leading up to these moments he has given us in recent weeks, will always be remembered by what he did leading up to and at “Money in the Bank 2011” for the rest of his career.

John Cena showed wrestling fans that whether you like him or hate him, you have to respect him. He did what people criticize him for not doing all the time and that’s telling a story & wrestling. I’m not the biggest John Cena fan in the world but I respect what he did for the business on Sunday night by being a great storyteller. It takes two to tango and don’t discredit what Cena did by just thinking it was CM Punk, he deserves as much credit as Punk does for the way WWE built this storyline & told the story.

Then there is Vince McMahon and the WWE Creative Team. The grumblings in recent months is that Vince McMahon may be getting too old to know what is good for his company, product and fan base. Well he proved that he and the creative team still have it by giving us a compelling story that made us tune into the PPV in the first place and make us want to watch RAW the next night. That’s the basic formula of wrestling, give them entertainment by telling a story inside & outside the ring and they will keep coming back for more. Major props go out to Vince & the creative team for being so outside the box with this entire storyline.

Wrestling needs to be unpredictable and that’s exactly what we got on Sunday night. We want more and will tune into Monday Night RAW to see the next chapter of this story. At least for the time being the WWE has delivered on a storyline that could be so compelling it rocket ships them back into the prominence they once received. Wrestling has become so predictable and flat over the years that we sometimes forget why we tune in to watch wrestling, CM Punk, John Cena & Vince McMahon showed us we watch wrestling.

[adinserter block=”1″]I said on SRTU that it needed to be a historic night for this storyline to deliver and it certainly was historic. The WWE is clicking on all cylinders as of right now; let’s hope this continues for the sake of the business as we may be seeing the dawning of a new era in professional wrestling. Congrats to the WWE, CM Punk, John Cena & Vincce McMahon and a job well done, thank you for making Money in the Bank 2011 memorable & historic.

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