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Monday Night Raw Proves to be Better than WWE Hell in a Cell

Why is it that the WWE puts together a Monday Night Raw the day after a pay-per-view event that makes us wonder why we plunked down $49.99 in the first place?

[adinserter block=”1″]Monday night’s explosion on Raw made us believe again in the power of the circus up in Connecticut. You cannot plan events like Monday night – no segment waisted, nothing lost. You can only hope to watch it and appreciate what you see because it may be another five or six weeks before it happens again.

The fact the company put together a John Cena/Damien Sandow championship match to kick things off tells me the ideas are there, the effort is there and the commitment to making new things work is still there, although it does not always happen.

Kudos to the WWE for coming out with both guns blazing. And the best part of the show was there had to be more to come.

While the obvious moment of the night was the confrontation between Shawn Michaels and Daniel Bryan, the energy that Cena led off the show with proved once again how important a healthy “Superman” is to the WWE, and to that point I have to agree with other pundits who cover professional wrestling – the World Title may have just trumped the WWE Title as the most coveted championship in the company.

While it would appear that Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan may still lock horns over the WWE strap, the match between Damien Sandow and John Cena delivered than most of the matches we see on one Sunday a month after we call our local cable companies. The WWE had such a great thing going for themselves when Sandow and Cody Rhodes were embroiled in controversy – where I was yelling at the television when the company abruptly “shatters” any idea of Cody claiming Sandow’s MITB briefcase.

Thank goodness there was Goldust to save the day.

The WWE is in a position where it is in trouble in terms of viewership and popularity, but it also has a real chance to take a step back then move forward. Kane looks to be the new opponent for Big Show. Big E. Langston is now a title contender. The tag team division is solid again and the fact Jerry Lawler and JBL are playing “good cop, bad cop” with Michael Cole has made for interesting television.

The WWE has two more pay-per-view events to use as a barometer for the coming year. They need to take ideas like “one more match” with Daniel Bryan and Shawn Michaels or Triple H involved in Survivor Series. It’s all too perfect, and may not go down like that, but it may very well be the elixir the company needs to jump start the coming year.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still issues that face this company and there are still problems with the current angle we are getting tired of (but it looks like it grew some legs Sunday and Monday night).

[adinserter block=”2″]The CM Punk/Paul Heyman angle still has life. The Shield still has life. The Rhodes run still has life and now John Cena, Shawn Michaels and Daniel Bryan all have different legs. The company needs to see the good in change this late in the game. Embrace the change. Add Michaels and Triple H together in this new lease on a failing scene.

Everyone gets a mulligan once in a while. It is up to the WWE and its creative team to make sure they can capitalize on what is taking place. If it can, maybe there is hope to make it a happy holiday after all.

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  1. I would like to see more Wyatt random muggings much like the times where Kane and Taker would come out at the end of every match for two hours and lay everyone out..

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