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Monday Night WarsIt’s the subject that wrestling fans have been talking about for some time now. For the first time since 2001, WWE will go head to head with what is considered to be the #2 wrestling company in the US right now; TNA. Both promotions seem to have spared no expense with their mega events. January 4th marks the TNA debut of Hulk Hogan. Up until now, we’ve heard TNA touting that this is the beginning, they’re firing the first shot, blah blah blah. TNA talked a good game until WWE pulled out an ace in the hole.

For the first time in a little over 12 years, Bret Hart will be on Monday Night Raw. Everyone knows what happened on that fateful night in Montreal in November of 1997. Everyone swore after that you’d never see Bret Hart working for WWE ever again. But as Vince McMahon used to say…”You never know what to expect in the World Wrestling Federation”. The Hitman is coming in as Raw’s guest host. Considering the history between Bret, Vince McMahon, & DX, it’s going to be VERY interesting to see how this night, as well as the entire story play out over the coming months.

So what does this mean for wrestling fans? Many are having flashbacks to the late 90’s. They are clamoring for & claiming this night will start a Round 2 of the infamous Monday Night Wars. Honestly, this is not how I see it. In fact, the war is already over.

TNA has Hogan. Is this a big deal? Sure. You’ve got a big name there & the man who helped revolutionize the business back in the 80’s & 90’s. But look at Hogan’s history; the man’s retired & come back more times than Mick Foley & Terry Funk combined (yes, I’m exaggerating, but you get the idea) & egomania runs wild whereever he is. Had Hogan stayed out of the business & then come back, it could make a bigger impact for TNA (no pun intended). Instead, you saw Hogan have another run with WWE after WCW folded. Then he went on to have Celebrity Championship Wrestling & his Hulkamania tour before coming to TNA. Hogan doesn’t know how to step out of the spotlight & has found a way to keep himself in it as a point of attention be it in the wrestling world or his trainwreck of a personal life. Also rumored are the returns of Scott Hall & X-Pac. Another nWo reunion! Am I the only one hearing crickets right now?

Enter “The Excellence of Execution”. After the Hitman took a career ending kick to the head from Goldberg & WCW folded, you didn’t see much of Bret in the wrestling world. Yes, he put out a book. Yes, he got a DVD package from WWE & was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Considering the kick from Goldberg & a horrific stroke from a motorcycle accident, it was impossible for the Hitman of old to return to the squared circle. What finally got Hart to agree to come back & freeze the fires of Hell is anyone’s guess. Bret’s contract is rumored to run through WrestleMania. One can only assume that the Hitman will have a program with Vince McMahon & possibly DX. It’s also safe to assume that the Hitman will be guiding the Hart Dynasty in some fashion.

So right there, you have the potential for a very intriguing 4 month storyline from WWE. TNA is following the WCW playbook & continuing to bury itself by signing the stars of old, pushing them to the moon rather than focusing on the names that made the TNA roster in the beginning, & recycling storlylines. Not to mention TNA has Russo, Hogan, & Bischoff all working together. Only a matter of time before egomania runs wild & things go to Hell. In my honest opinion, it’s game, set, & match in WWE’s favor. Think back to the final Nitro when Vince McMahon cupped his hands & said he held the fate of WCW in them. I have no doubt it won’t be long before Mr. McMahon opens an episode of Impact & claims to hold the fate of TNA in those very same hands.

Both promotions have been stale for some time now. Hart & Hogan are, however, shots in the arm for the respective companies they’re working for, but only for the short term. One thing is certain though. It’s going to be an interesting few months…and you never know what will happen.

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