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Here is what has been billed as the “Biggest Game Of The Year” and man does its deliver. From the outside looking in Modern Warfare 2 looks like the typical shooter but it is far from that. There is so much to do in this game wether its online or in the single player. The game itself takes place five years after the events of the first game in this new series of Call Of Duty games. You control many different characters throughout the game but you mainly play as SGT. Gary “Roach” Sanderson who is following the orders of Captain MacTavish, whom is returning from the previous game. Throughout the entire single player you feel like your in a major summer action movie, this has been the trend all year long with all the major games. While this game is a direct sequel to Modern Warfare, there have been other sequels to have pulled it off better. Uncharted 2 is the prime example since it displays that it makes you feel like your directing this major movie but in reality the only directing your doing is controlling the characters movements. What Modern Warfare 2 does well in this sense is the overall presentation and the cinematic feel while you watch the events unfold around you. Theres fantastic explosions and all types of war scenery all over the landscape and the sense of battle and fatigue is very well developed throughout the game. There are fantastic controls in this game that help you get through the game without the challenge of learning obscure controls.


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[adinserter block=”1″]What i love about the controls is the fact that Infinity Ward was paying attention to there fan base when they designed this game. Rather then starting a whole new scheme with controls, Infinity Ward kept things simple while adding more functionality to what was already in place. The snow climbing and snow mobile fighting is amazing, it is very fast paced and very well done that it completely dominates any form of vehicle combat from any other shooter. Its such a refreshing feeling to have in such an amazing game to begin with. However, the newness stays only in the single player since, as of this writing, there is no online snow mobile battles. You would think there would be since you can call all sorts of air strikes and all sorts of levels and ranks exists you would think they would have that in there. However, due to the online mode having some of the most rude and disturbing players i have seen since Halo 2, they take the experience and fun out of the online due to the “Spawn Point Killing” with the use of air strikes and camping, which is when someone camps out where frequent enemies are brought into the game. More on that as the article continues later on but for now i am mainly sticking to the controls and graphics. The controls are very responsive in many instances, however, the most important instance of all which is reloading can be very, very slow. This has been an issue for me both online and in the single player.

The enemies in this game are not that intelligent, they do work together and they do use highly powered weapons to back up there assault against a base or against a squad. There are snipers all over as well so be on your best in terms of attention. You also man artillery guns as well when your on a tank or on a jeep or truck. You can fire all sorts of weapons, so there is lots to fire at and with in this game. You will never run out of weapons or ammo for that matter. There are lots of customization to be had with the weapons as well, there are so many different ways you can modify a weapon in this game. You can still create your own classes as well as use default classes to play online. Its the same as SOCOM but only in a first person perspective.

Only this game, while good, is not as deep in terms of gameplay as SOCOM. There are attachments, side arms, all sorts of launchers and grenades. I like the throwing knives as well, the cool thing about that is that your not given more then one, your only given one so when you throw it, go and fetch it back or your secondary weapons are all gone until your next re-spawn. The accuracy on the throwing knife is not nearly as good as the grenades are but the game does try its best to make it easy to throw it and make contact. Your entire single player experience is good but it is above average, its fun and good but it is simply worthless due to the insanely large community in the online mode. Xbox Live had as much as 2 Million+ in a single session playing this game at one time. There is something the single player mode does have that everyone is talking about, and it has nothing to do with being new in terms of innovation, its in terms of controversy. I will wrap up the article later with my thoughts on that.

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Now for the online play, first off if you do not complete the training mission in the beginning of the single player, your blocked from online play. Even if your a Modern Warfare General, your prohibited from playing online until you can finish that course. I think the folks at Infinity Ward made it easy on purpose since they know everyone will play this game for the online play. Once your get through your training day your off to the races online. You can create several different classes that you can use online as well as modify the defaulted classes and saving them as your own. There is a lot to rank up to in this game as well as a lot of many different award types for each weapon. Each player has there own rank which are the usual Private, Captain, etc. and there are also subclasses you can earn with each weapon you gain kills with while you play.

You rank in many different ways such as Marksman, Famas Marksmen, and so many more. You even get ranks for Grenades and all of the other secondary weapons as well. It’s nice to have a reward system in place but to me it feels like there giving away awards for almost anything you do. While games like Killzone 2, you get ranks for your skills and performance during gameplay. This game they give you an awards for 5 Kills with a weapon for crying out loud. I like being congratulated but i do not like being given an award for simply showing up, this is Modern Warfare 2 not the Philadelphia Flyers who hang banners for almost anything they do. I also like how the Perks System is back from the first game with lots more to do now with them. They really made this online experience very open source in a sense since there is really no end to the amount of combination that you can have while playing. From better blind fire accuracy to deeper bullet penetration there is a perk for just about anything and everything.

Snow Mobiles:

Modern Snow-fare:

There are also some great maps as well. I just cant get enough of playing this game in the snow. Snow lately has been a very well done and very cool aspect of gaming. The snow from Uncharted 2 is untouched since it is still the best, but the snow in Modern Warfare 2 is second to Uncharted 2 since in that game you can see it more and in more detail. The snow in Modern Warfare 2 is from a first person perspective so you cannot see in that same detail as in uncharted, but again, this is an FPS that when you look down…you see nothing. Why not feet? Halo 2 has done it and every Halo since, same for Metroid Prime, what was the deal there. i know its such a stupid complaint but its something to point out if your billing your gaming as the most advanced shooter on the market. There is also some great fire as well in this game, like i mentioned before there are amazing explosions to be seen in this game. The multiplayer maps all have the same premise, two teams, two spawns, one goal.

There is the classic modes from all the regular multiplayer shooters out there but in Modern Warfare 2 they don’t feel forced meaning they go well with the game. Its not simply adding a mode just to say you have it. Capture The Flag is very fun and very fast paced, much like how it is in Unreal Tournament but it doesn’t get old quickly since there are so many great maps for it to be played on. What i love about the maps is the variety, there aren’t just military bases and air bases, theres warehouses, offices, rooftops with balconies, villages. as well as mountains. The players vote on which of the two pre selected maps they wish to wage war on. The modes are all sorted on which playlist you what to play on, so if your looking for death match you will be seated with people who want the same. Its not the Match Making from Gears Of War where the players both select map and mode.

The online mode is very well developed and very well designed to be an insanely addictive experience, its just the user base is very rude at times and its all like Halo 2 all over again with the disgusting youngsters that infest these games with there racially charged banter. Infinity Ward removed the ability for people to have Xbox Live Parties while playing online in Modern Warfare 2, only certain modes allow it to be used during online gameplay. Many people used it to play in there clan matches better but this became a feature used to cheat while using it since when your killed you can view your teammates perspective and give them an extra set of eyes. I see why they removed it but i don’t like the fact that the kiddies can still annoy us even in this new generation of consoles.

Now onto something more serious, there is a “No Russians” mission where your given the role of an CIA Operative who joins the ranks of a Russian Terrorists Sect and your whole goal is to get into an airport and basically commit the first ever known incident of terror ever in a video game that you the player have complete control over. While i don’t condone acts of terror in the real world, i do not understand, yet again, why are we still going back to this argument over what kids see and or hear in an form of entertainment. How about these controlling parents listen to there kids while they play online and i think they will be more shocked by what they hear from there kids rather then what they see in a game. I congratulate Infinity Ward on this, it took some serious cajones for them to do this since so many people will back off. But you know the media in this country, they will milk this story until the cattle run dry.

Online Play:

Riot Shields:

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[adinserter block=”2″]I am all for freedom of speech in any form of media, what i am not for is censorship. I understand in these times a terror attack in an airport may have not been the best of choices to have such a mission but thats what makes it the best choice since it adds that added shock value. This game didn’t need this mission to sell units or to create news for it since it does that very well on its own. Well if your complaining about the content, why are you not mentioning the fact that this mission is question is brought up as soon as you press start, you are warned 3 times about very a sensitive scenario you will play in the games single player.

Also, if you wish not to play this mission, you will not miss out on anything important for the story. In fact, the mission in question only makes sense if you play it because by then you will have a reason for the said mission to be in the game. You will understand why you did what you did. You didn’t just commit a random act of terror or anything. So kudos to Infinity Ward for being as graphic as possible while warning people before hand 3 times, if people need to be reminded 3 times about a possible sensitive scenario and then they complain its there when they accept to play that scene, they need to practice what they preach. If you don’t like it, block it and don’t complain its there when you never seen it since you elected not to see it or play it. Grow Up Folks, Its Just A Game!

The Limited Prestige Edition:

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 brings a lot of online insanity to a world that is far from normal. The addictive nature of the online play is astounding and it reaches new heights due to the large amount of players at any given time. The online match making needs some tweaking such as level balancing as well as giving better spawn points. The single player is very basic at best, its fun to play and serves it purpose, which is to entertain you and give you all the practice you need to go online and go to war. The single player has such a huge summer action movie feel and just like a summer action movie it leaves you feeling with the sense of what did i just watch.

Its a good game, but i am going on record on here by saying this; Call Of Duty: Modern Warn 2 is OVER RATED. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is now available for an MSRP of $59.99. Rated M For Mature.


-Had The Guts To Have You Commit A Terror Attack

-Fantastic Weather Effects

-Great Controls

-Awesome Cinematic Scenes

-Great Presentation

-Insanely Addictive Multiplayer

-Quick Pick Up And Play Feel

-Lots Of Variety

-Endless Customization

-HUGE Online Community

-Brings New Elements To An Already Deep Game

-Snow Mobiles!

-Lots Of Ranks

-Great Online Maps

-Lots Of Weapons


-The Online Community Is Infested With Potty Mouth Kids

-The Single Player Is Weak

-Reloading Is Way To Slow

-Spawn Killing Is Rampant And Unavoidable

-Too Many Awards, Its Like You Get An Award For Showing Up

-Has The Negative Effect Of A Summer Action Movie: “What Did I Just Watch?”

-Level Balancing Is A Major Issue

-Feels More Of The Same From The Previous Game

-Some Of The Perks & Weapons Create An Unfair Environment

-Stupid Fanboys & Media Folk Boycotting But Buying The Game Anyway

-No Dedicated Servers For PC Players (Yet)

-Air Strikes Are Too Overwhelming
Official Score:

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Rating – 3 Stars Out Of 5

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  1. Jadeslair,

    Modern Warfare 2 brings so much to the table but theres just so many known issues with the online multiplayer and too many ignorant kids playing it that keep me far away from owning that game. I personally prefer Killzone 2 & MAG over Modern Warfare 2 and i know there is a Demo available for Bad Company 2 that is up on Xbox Live & Playstation Network. Its a multiplayer demo that ends on 2/25, so go and download it. The single player of Modern Warfare 2 is just basic and over quick, its a shame. It has an amazing sense of an action movie while you play the single player but thats as far as it goes for me. Killzone 2 has a much more detailed story and it makes you feel as if your in this war. I reviewed that game as well on here, check it out!

    Thank You For Your Support Of The Camel Clutch Blog And My Column Here As Well, Visit Often As New Reviews Are Inbound, Major Games Are On The Way! Bring Your Friends And Family To The Site, Enjoy Bad Company 2.

  2. Its an all around fun and addicting game to play, its just that the online community really brings down the experience and the single player is way too short. Outside of the hype, this game is cool and fun its just WAYYYYYY overrated and just fails to live up to the hype that it brings even though it raked in hundres of millions in sales. Its a decent game but its far from the quality of Killzone 2. Enjoy and Thanks For Your Support!


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