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MMA Fans Are Big Babies

MMA and UFC fans have got to be the biggest bunch of babies I have ever seen. I haven’t seen fans this sensitive in my life! The double standards that these fans have applied to Brock Lesnar are a joke. UFC and its fans should be grateful to have Brock Lesnar.

I have heard nothing but non-stop whining and complaining from MMA fans, journalists, and talk show hosts since UFC 100. I never realized what a bunch of uptight snobs MMA fans are until now. Get over it! This absurd outrage has to be the biggest piece of hypocrisy I have ever heard.

MMA Fans and journalists are upset over Brock Lesnar’s antics at UFC 100. It all started when Brock refused to touch gloves. Then, Brock got in Frank Mir’s mauled face immediately after winning the fight. Lastly, Brock went on a tirade following his fight in an interview with Joe Rogan. Oh no, anything but this!

[adinserter block=”1″]What a joke! These are the same MMA fans that worship Randy Couture. This is the same Randy Couture who walked out of UFC at the height of his popularity as UFC champion. This is the same Couture that sent UFC into a tailspin and tried to strong arm his way out of his contract for a big money fight with Fedor. This is the same Randy Couture who tried to hurt UFC to get his way. Yet Randy Couture is given a hero’s welcome whenever he enters the octagon. You tell me whether Brock Lesnar or Randy Couture has done more to hurt UFC?

These are the same UFC fans that love Quinton Rampage Jackson. This is the same Rampage Jackson that recently humped a stunned reporter. This is the same Jackson that started a fight in the crowd at UFC 100. This is the same Rampage that was involved in a hit and run incident and a high speed police pursuit that resulted in a woman losing her unborn baby. Jackson isn’t ruining UFC, but Brock Lesnar giving fans the finger is unforgivable?

These are the same UFC fans that cheered wildly for Tito Ortiz in his final two fights against Ken Shamrock. This is the same Tito Ortiz that walked out of the company as champion trying to strong arm UFC. The same Tito Ortiz who put on a t-shirt degrading Guy Mezger after defeating him. This is the same Tito Ortiz who routinely gave the one-finger salute following fights. Yet the same audience disgusted at Lesnar, would love to see Tito back in UFC. Say what you want but you know it is true.

If there is anyone deserving of all of this outrage it is Dan Henderson. I find it ironic that Dan Henderson’s actions at UFC 100 are celebrated by the same people killing Brock Lesnar. I have heard several MMA fans say they loved seeing Bisping receive the second punch, yet thought Lesnar’s actions were a disgrace. Are you kidding me? Dan Henderson admitting to punching a man that he knew was knocked out will ruin UFC a hell of a lot faster than Brock Lesnar talking trash. Now that was a disgrace!

[adinserter block=”2″]UFC needs Brock Lesnar a hell of a lot more than Brock Lesnar needs UFC. Where would boxing be today without Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson? Those were the two most controversial fighters in the history of the sport. Yet it is likely that boxing would have died years ago if Mike Tyson wasn’t around. You tell me the UFC heavyweight title fight that was going to sell out UFC 100 without Brock Lesnar around? Is Cain Velasquez vs. Frank Mir going to sell 1.5 million pay-per-views?

MMA fans need to grow up and grow a pair. MMA fans need to be honest with themselves. The real issue here isn’t what Lesnar did and said after his fight at UFC 100. The real issue here is that MMA fans are upset that an ex-pro wrestler walked into UFC and has dominated their sport in short time with little training. Hey, I’d be embarrassed too if I were you.

It took Brock Lesnar over two years to become successful in the WWE. It took Brock Lesnar less than a year to dominate in UFC. Yeah, you should be embarrassed.

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