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The Final Curtain Call: A Movie Review Of “This Is It”

Michael Jackson This Is It MovieDespite all the rumors, lies, and controversy over Michael Jackson and his passing, “This Is It” is a fantastic showcase of the man’s pure talent. Walking into the theatre, I noticed the wide variety of ages: from grandparents, to parents, to young children, to teenagers and twenty-somethings, the audience was a motley crew. However, we were all there for one thing: to honor Michael Jackson.

During the film, it is easily noticeable that at 50, even though he looked rather tired, Michael was able to keep up and out-dance his backup dancers who were half his age.

[adinserter block=”1″]His voice was also still incredible-at one point, Michael gets so into his duet for I Just Can’t Stop Loving You, admonishes the crew by saying that “he needs to conserve his voice”, but still finishes the song with a powerful ending.

There was also a sense of kinship and camaraderie in the air; Michael, Kenny Ortega, the backup dancers, musicians, and crew had a great connection with each other that you don’t see every day. There were times during the film where you could sense that perhaps Michael was frustrated, but he never once let it show. He was polite, kind, and truly cared for each and every one of them.

One of the most heartwarming scenes is towards the end when the entire crew and Michael have a group hug and throw their hands up in a “team cheer”. It was a scene that highlighted the closeness of everyone involved in this production; they really were a family of sorts.

The special effects were also phenomenal. The two that stood out for me was the Smooth Criminal montage, in which Michael was inserted into a shoot-out from a black and white film and the Thriller montage, in which the backup dancers were in monster-themed costumes, along with the life-sixed puppets of “dead brides and grooms” to fly over the audience. Had the concert come to pass, it would have been a spectacle to rival the best of Broadway’s shows.

There was another sweet moment in which after Earth Song, Michael talks about how love is the most important thing in the world and how important it is to save our planet, because time is running out. His message was one of love: towards each other and towards the Earth that is our home. It’s a very important message that so often gets hidden or pushed to one side.

Watching This Is It is truly bittersweet because the viewer starts to realize that if Michael Jackson had lived to perform these shows in London, it would have been his redemption. He was ready to give it his all, and the world would have once again worshipped at his feet. The King of Pop would have regained his crown through his hard work and sheer talent and would have reigned over the music world once more.

[adinserter block=”2″]However, his legacy lives on through his music and this documentary only serves to highlight how passionate he was about his craft. If immortality is found through what great artists leave behind in their wake, then there is no doubt in my mind that This Is It and Michael’s albums will ensure that his music is heard for a new generation of fans.

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