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Inside The Wheelhouse: A WWE Main Event waiting to happen (1 year later)

The Miz and John MorrisonWhen sitting down and thinking about what I should write this week on Camelclutchblog.com it came to me rather quickly when reading some comments from my good friend’s at Wrestlechat.net.

It was in regards to this upcoming Summerslam and whether or not The Miz will join Team WWE against The Nexus this Sunday. The comments that followed the statement were interesting enough to have me write an actual blog about it. The person wrote about how surprised they were that The Miz one year later has become the bigger star than John Morrison.

Then it came to me…

Roughly fourteen months ago (circa June 2009), I wrote my very first blog for Eric Gargiulo & Camelclutchblog.com. The blog I wrote was titled “A main event waiting to happen.” The blog was about how John Morrison was poised to become a Main Eventer, how he was the future of the WWE and future World Champion. If you want to read the blog in its entirety go ahead and click here: https://camelclutchblog.com/inside-the-wheelhouse-for-june-9th-2009-a-main-event-waiting-to-happen/

At the time, Morrison was poised to become a Main Eventer, out of the tag team of The Miz and Morrison it looked like he would become the bigger star over The Miz. As most wrestling fans know, when a tag team tends to split up it means that one of them is becoming a singles star (i.e. Rockers = Shawn Michaels, The Hart Foundation = Bret Hart, etc.) and the Miz/Morrison combo had the outline of history repeating itself yet again with one of them becoming a star. For the most part all signs pointed to Morrison rather then The Miz.

Fourteen months later, I couldn’t have been any more wrong.

[adinserter block=”2″]The Miz has become the surprising singles star of the two. Many thought The Miz would go off into obscurity on RAW, especially after being buried by John Cena and would eventually become future endeavored.

Instead The Miz took off with the fans after being fired by RAW Guest Host Jeremy Piven, getting his job back as the Calgary Kid, winning the United States Championship multiple times, winning the WWE Tag Team Championship and finally, winning Money in the Bank which can be used at anytime for a World Heavyweight Championship title shot. Oh and by the way, he has been called “the Future of RAW” from the mouth of WWE announcers via the headset in which Vince McMahon is talking to them. Pretty amazing stuff for a guy that was supposed to be done once moved to Monday nights.

While his former Tag Team partner and the guy I referred to as “a Main Event waiting to happen” has really struggled in the last year or so.

Morrison has had his moments in the last fourteen months. He has won the Intercontinental Championship, defeated a then World Heavyweight Champion in CM Punk and will be in the Main Event for Team WWE this Sunday. But for the most part he has struggled to catch on with fans. After moving Morrison to Friday nights so he could break away and hopefully get more face time on WWE programming, they ended up switching him to RAW via the draft and has battled very little limelight until recently.

In sports terms Morrison reminds me of that blue chip athlete in college football, that top prospect in Baseball, he has the “it” factor and the scouting reports are touting him to become a superstar in his respective field. But then they don’t live up to their potential, people begin to wonder if they actual have “it” and they are started to be look at as a potential bust. Could Morrison one day be in that some category in wrestling terms?

When it comes to busts in wrestling, guys that had all the potential in the world and had the “it” factor but never lived up to that potential spotlight I always think of Shelton Benjamin. To this day I am still a huge fan of Shelton Benjamin. Love his in-ring work, waiting for him to climb the ladder to the main event position, then watched him go all the way back down the ladder, then he’d climb it a little more again and no this isn’t a play-by-play of every Money in the Bank he has been in. He never became the guy we all thought he’d become when they split up Team Angle/World’s Greatest Tag Team via the Draft, where he ended up going to RAW and defeating Triple H in one of the most surprising wins of the decade.

Eventually Benjamin was future endeavored. Could the same be said for Morrison eventually? It’s too soon to tell right now but looking back one year later to my very first article for Camelclutchblog.com and I am reminded about how poised Morrison appeared to be for the limelight. That one day we’d be seeing his name on the back of the Wrestlemania DVD in the Main Event; his name would be etched on some sort of World Title.

[adinserter block=”1”]He has struggled in the past year and it will be rather interesting if he gains some momentum off of this little Summerslam push as he is in the main event/most talked about match on the card on WWE’s 2nd biggest show of the year.

His game needs to be elevated this year or I will be writing a blog another year from now asking myself if John Morrison…”a main event waiting to happen?”

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  1. You know I really don`t get the Miz s` popularity. He really still can`t wrestle,although he is better than he used to be. John Morrison helped make him a better wrestler. I think Morrison is funnier, smarter, better looking, has the 8 pack abs still and the athletic ability that I actually pay money to see. The only DVD`S I will buy must have John Morrison in them for longer than the minute at Wreslemania 26! Now I hire the DVD first to see how long he is in them. Having CMPunk there is an added bonus. (I would love to see all three men in a WWE movie together!) I wonder how well many of us would fair in front of the sort of crowds you have in American arenas. I think JMorrison has had some fantastic fun moments with Swagger, Edge, McIntyre, Benjamin and Haas. PS.. Don`t ever get rid of the tights John, they look different and fit the image. Love Eliza

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