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The “Miss Beat The Shark” Contest Begins!

Beat The Shark“Here she is, Miss Amer..” Hold up a second, that’s not right? No we are not looking for Miss America, but we are in fact searching for Miss Beat The Shark. For all of you who followed this contest faithfully throughout the season we thank you. To those who may have not, well welcome to the final part of the competition. What we are asking you the reader to do is vote for one of our 12 lovely ladies to win the first ever Miss Beat The Shark competition. The winner will receive a prize and be the spokesmodel for future “Shark” contest and promotions for the 2010 year. The rules are simple. Leave a comment and vote for any girl on a one time only vote basis.

Click on the picture above to view all of the girls in the gallery or just click here. The photos will be seen here or on Facebook, at my business page, SharkTank Entertainment. So all you have to do is join us here at or on my facebook page to make your vote count! You can also add me at my personal page, Jeff Porrini on Facebook.

As for the picking portion of the contest The Shark and his ladies managed to end up in a 6-6 tie at the end. The games were just about even as well, and it was a very exciting contest throughout. We had many faithful readers talking smack to The Shark, and the ladies had plenty of good things to say and had alot of fun along the way. Now is there chance to find out which one is truly the one you all like best. So don’t hesitate, joining and voting is totally 100 percent free! Why not make your favorite contestant happy!

[adinserter block=”1″]I will list the 12 contestants by name in the order that they appeared on our contest, where they hail from, and a brief reminder of who they are and what they do. Remember, it’s not just about the looks, but also about the style of person.

1. Denise St. John: Denise comes to us from Atco, New Jersey. She does modeling and spokesmodeling and is an Eagles fan. Denise was the winner in the contest first week.

2. Karyn Albanese: Karyn is our die hard Jets fan from New York. Her Jets tank top said it all. Karyn was the winner in the second week of our contest.

3. Carrie DeHart: Carrie is another Jersey girl, and does modeling as well. Carrie’s favorite team is the Cowboys. She lost in week 3.

4. Stefania Mazza: Stefania is a Philly girl who was living in Las Vegas at the time she came to us. She also does professional modeling, and is a true Eagles fan. Stefania was a winner in week 4 of the contest.

5. Chrisitina McCarty: Christina is one of our true Philly locals and also loves the Eagles. Despite a great effort, Christina lost in week 5.

6. Jennifer Davis: Another Philly girl, Jenn is a bartender and nurse. She was the first contestant with a perfect week as she won in week 6 of the contest.

7. Marie Nicole: Marie was our only pro athlete in our contest. She is a Wide Receiver for the New York Majesty of the Lingerie Football League, and is also a kick boxing instructor. Marie lost in week 7 however. Her favorite team is the Bills.

8. Jamie Castle: Jamie is another one of my beloved Philly girls. Jamie is a cheerleading coach and nanny. Jamie is an Eagles fan. Her great smile was not enough though as she lost in week 8.

9. Amanda Smyth: Amanda is also from Philly, and also does modeling work. She is also in the title insurance field. Amanda lives for her Eagles. She lost in week 9.

10. Morisa Conner: Morisa is from Coatesville,Pa which is about an hour outside of Philly. Morisa is an Eagles fan through and through. She does gymnastics in her free time. Morisa was the winner in week 10 of the contest.

11. Candice Albanese: Candice is from Staten Island, New York. She said despite growing up in a Jets household she loves the Eagles. Candice is a bartender and truly one of the most fiery contestants we had. Candice lost in week 11.

[adinserter block=”2″]12. Debbie Doneker: Debbie is from Feasterville, Pa, and of course is an Eagles fan. Debbie actually played in 2 weeks as she managed a tie in her first attempt, before finishing perfect in her second try.

So here are the 12 contestants. Don’t forget to get your vote in and tell your friends as well. This is shaping up to be a great competition, but it only gets better with your support. We will be updating this contest on the upcoming weeks. Votes will be collected and counted up until Super Bowl Sunday, and the winner will be announced the following week. Thank you once again to all of our contestants and you the reader for the support! Good Luck!

*Please note that this contest is run through Jeff Porrini. Eric Gargiulo and is only used as a visual outlet. All prizes,actions,and procedures will be handled directly through Jeff Porrini and are not the responsiblity of this blog site and any other of its writers or contributors. All contestants have agreed to use an image of themselves, and have agreed to the terms of this contest that was detailed. All images are in use for this contest only and are not to be issued for any further usage without consent of the contestant. All images must be approved by before posting. This contest is awarded on a prize basis and no gambling or money exchanges from any party at any time. “Beat The Shark” and “The Sharks Picks” are property of “Shark Tank Entertainment” and Jeff Porrini. Any misuse of content without consent is prohibited.

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