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Millie Mackintosh breaks down over her daughter’s terrible twos

English Actress Millie Mackintosh is facing a tough time in her personal life. Recently the Bafta-winning actress penned down her honest review of parenting. The message turned out to be an emotional one that even Millie was seen in tears while expressing the same. The post came instead of her suffering with her daughter’s terrible twos.

The former Made in Chelsea actress shared an open parenting post on Instagram about managing Sienna, two, and Aurelia, four months. Millie, 32, and her husband Hugo Taylor had their firstborn daughter in 2020, and she became a big sister late last year. Millie took to her official Instagram account and penned a huge three-paragraph note regarding her daughters.

She posted two pictures featuring both daughters. In a second slide, she shared a video where she can be seen breaking down while her younger one is on her lap. She captioned the picture saying “Sienna is almost two and we have no idea! I started it before, but the terrible twos are really real and constant for us right now.”

She further stated how “Sienna is constantly testing us, from getting dressed, nappy changes, mealtimes, getting in the pushchair, bath time, and bedtime, sometimes leading in her lying on the floor screaming ‘no, no, no!’She spends half the day asking for ‘Daddy’, yet when he comes home from work she gets frustrated and lashes out at him 😩 I try to spend one-on-one time with her doing something she enjoys, but she doesn’t always want to be with me.”

Millie expressed her understanding stating “I know she expects a reaction from us, but I can’t help but laugh or cry at the absurdity of the scenario, since who doesn’t want to get ready to go to the park in the sunshine?! ☀️I know she is growing up and I want her to be a strong, independent young lady who understands what she wants, but I also want to leave the house with a dressed and fed toddler.”

She concluded by recalling “I’ll link to this fantastic piece in my stories. Let them help you and give them options so they feel in charge. Using diversion as needed, and saying ‘no’ but also ‘yes’ at times. I’m utilizing these suggestions, but it’s wonderful to know I’m not alone in my struggles with my two-year-old. Please share any other parenting advice, because parenting is hard! Snap for some reality, and believe me when I tell you this isn’t all sunshine and rainbows!”

Earlier in March Millie also shared a post regarding Sienna’s routine and management. Millie has always been outspoken about her sufferings and struggles. She was married earlier to Professor Green in 2013 but got divorced in 2016. Millie has also authored a book wherein she describes her suffering concerning her unhealthy body. She explains how an unhealthy body type affected her acting career.



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