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Mike Tyson Talks Steve Austin, The Shield, WWE, & More

Mike Tyson has not only appeared on numerous WWE events, but has been a big part of WWE history. Still an avid WWE fan, Tyson follows the business closely which makes him a fascinating interview when it comes to talking about pro wrestling.

[adinserter block=”1″]Tyson sat down with ESPN to promote the WWE 13 video game. Tyson is a playable character in the game and appears to be having a lot of fun promoting it. The WWE Hall of Famer had some interesting things to say to ESPN, but most fascinating to me were his reflections on the historic night Steve Austin popped him the finger on Monday Night RAW.

“I didn’t want it to ever stop. I was living the lifestyle. I was living the dream. You’re talking crap to the bad guys and doing whatever you want. I never wanted it to stop. That’s why when you’re on top, like Tony Atlas and them, you gotta go to drugs. How do you get back to that high? All the cocaine, LSD in the world can’t get you that high back. How do you get that high back? You can’t get that high with cocaine and heroin like you think you could. You can’t get it. This is the only natural high that can supersede drugs.

That excitement from the WWE. You see, most of these guys when they finish, they can’t control it, they can’t handle it. You think this stuff is easy to handle when you have people screaming at you? You might not be in a good mood, so you say, “To hell with you.” They scream at these guys. After Vince McMahon makes these guys big stars, they go one way, and the wrestlers go another way. So now they have to handle that. Vince can’t protect these guys when they’re out living their life like that. They create these huge personalities, these massive superstars, but there’s no way to protect these guys. It’s impossible. They must be miserable because they can’t go out.

Like Tyson or not as a wrestling fan you can’t help but recognize his place in WWE history. That angle with Steve Austin helped make Austin a superstar and was a big part in turning around the Monday Night Wars. Would Austin have broken out without Tyson? Maybe, but I am fairly sure that the WWE would have never gotten the same publicity if they didn’t use Mike Tyson.

What I found real interesting about this interview was Tyson’s comments on the current WWE scene. Tyson obviously still watches the show closely and offered an interesting take on the WWE’s newest stars, The Shield and who he currently enjoys watching.

I like them, but it’s tough getting used to all the new guys. Back in the day, these guys were around for 20 years, but now, they just don’t have long careers like they used to have. As far as entertainment, nobody beats Mick Foley. He must’ve broke every bone in his body. I saw him and Terry Funk fight one time and they should’ve died. They should’ve been dead. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. They must be some hard-core guys.

Another guy I like is Randy Orton. He’s so different than his dad. Cowboy Bob Orton with the belly and the big old hat. Randy has the Superman physique, but his dad was that big-bellied guy who had a broken arm for like 10 years [laughs]. Times change, you gotta change with the times.

Finally Tyson offers an interesting take on one of the WWE’s most famous boxer vs. wrestler matches, The Big Show vs. Floyd Mayweather. Tyson enjoyed it but he wasn’t buying it.

I was so mad when they did that s—. Floyd can’t beat no [expletive] Big Show. That’s bulls—. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I forgot I was doing an interview, but he was fighting one of my boys.

[adinserter block=”2″]Tyson also mentions to the interviewer that he would actually like to wrestle a WWE match. He has wrestled in the WWE, having a tag team match on RAW last year, but it sounds like he wants something bigger. I have to think if a deal can be made than we’d see Tyson in a WWE ring.

WrestleMania 29 anyone?

Check out the entire interview on ESPN.com. It’s a great one. Tyson talks more about the Attitude Era, Cody Rhodes, heavyweights in boxing today, Marquez’s win over Pacquiao, and much more. Great stuff!

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