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Mickie Jay Henson, Former WWE Referee Dies Aged 59

The Wrestling world mourns the death of former referee Mickie Jay Henson 

The organization confirmed this sad news on 14th February. It comes as a shock to the whole wrestling community as Jay was only 59 years old and had a rather untimely demise.

Jay had an illustrious career and was part of both the WCW and WWE, the two biggest names in the world of Wrestling. He was involved in many iconic moments of the sport and the organization as well as his former colleagues are truly feeling the loss.

WWE along with Jay’s former colleagues offered their condolences to his family 

WWE issued a statement on Henson’s demise, “WWE is saddened to learn that Mickie Jay Henson, former referee in both WWE and WCW, passed away at the age of 59″. We extend our condolences to Henson’s family, friends and fans.”

Henson had been in the sport since 1987. He first started with WWE but then switched over to the WCW in 1992. One of his iconic matches was the ending of Goldberg’s streak against Kevin Nash in 1998.

In 2005 Jay went on to rejoin WWE and officiated in some of the most exclusive bouts including stars like John Cena, Kurt Angle, The undertaker, Edge, and many more.  It was a glamorous officiating career although tragically Mr. Henson couldn’t reap the joy of a healthy retirement.

Former WWE podcaster Mike Tenay had a very close relationship with Henson and was devastated by his death.

He tweeted: ‘There has been a rash of wrestling-related deaths lately, but the passing of Mickie Jay Henson really hurts. A close friend for over 30 years. ‘Best known as a referee for WCW and WWE, but he was equally proud to have been the president of the Bobby Heenan Fan Club in his youth.’

Jay wasn’t in the best of shape as he was dealing with long-term health issues. 

In 2009 Jay had left the WWE after being diagnosed with Mantle cell lymphoma 2008. The company offered him 8 months’ worth of salary as compensation after his illness was discovered.

At a point in time, Jay was told that he had only months to live but he battled back and defeated cancer. Although currently, he was battling pneumonia, and implications of the Covid infection complicated the situation for the worse.

When the doctors felt that there is nothing more that can be done, he was taken off his life support. Jenson’s loss was deeply mourned by the whole community as he did a lot of work at the indie levels too.

The Cauliflower Alley Club added: ‘Sending out the heartbreaking news that longtime friend Mickie “Jay” Henson has passed away at 59 years old.

‘We send our sincerest condolences to his family and friends as we once again grieve the loss of another family member from the wrestling world. R.I.P. Love ya, Mickie..’

Fans over Twitter too shared their condolences and grieved the death of a strong pillar of the community. This incident is a reminder to us all to keep a balance in our life and aspire to pass our time on this earth doing good things.



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