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Mickie James Frustrated With TNA Wrestling

Mickie James has always been a popular with pretty solid fan support for the last several years. Some of those fans had hoped that Mickie would be given the chance to steal the show in TNA Wrestling. Unfortunately she has been able to make little impact and according to her, it’s frustrating.

[adinserter block=”1″]Mickie’s jump to TNA has turned into a case of grass not always being greener on the other side. Mickie was given the ball in the WWE and shined in her feud with Trish Stratus, arguably making an entire career off of one feud. Her fans have always been vocal and most were excited when she ditched Piggy James for the bright lights of the Knockouts division. A few years later I think it is fair to say that the bloom is off of the rose.

I thought I was the only one but it appears that I am joined by many who find that Mickie hasn’t been used enough in TNA. Mickie gets it herself and to her credit, is responding to those frustrated fans and interviewers during her most recent media tour. Time off is nice but Mickie is also not quite sure why she isn’t getting the ring time these days that most expect from the former Divas and Knockouts champion.

I think this is a conscious decision I’ve made within myself,” James told Scott Fishman in an interview with the Miami Herald. “I wanted to be more real with myself and my fans because I feel like I have been sitting at home a lot lately and more than I should. Especially, while knowing who I am in the ring and what I’ve done and accolades I have and the level of wrestler that I am when it comes to females in this industry. I feel like often times that gets overlooked, which is bull because if I was a male in this industry that would not happen. But because I’m a woman in this ever-changing cycle of sex sells, this sells or that sells.

At the end of the day there are very few and far between of those who can stand toe-to-toe at the same level…That is what frustrates me. I can’t stand sitting on the sidelines and watching. I don’t think anybody as a professional or as an entertainer or as an athlete can stand. If I was injured, then that’s one thing, but to be completely 100 percent healthy and be doing absolutely nothing. To me, it built up my frustration up to the point of being just pussyfooting around as the girl-next-door with a big smile on my face and happy about every little thing when in reality I’m frustrated.

The frustrations are clear and I can’t say I blame her. I look up and down the Knockouts roster and in terms of star-power I don’t think there is anyone as well known in the division than Mickie. In addition to her wrestling fame I can’t find anyone on the roster who is a better entertainer and/or worker in the ring. With declining ratings you’d think that TNA would want to spice up the broadcast more with Mickie yet they haven’t.

I have watched Mickie going back to her days on the independent circuit as Alexis Laree and I have always found her to be one of the most solid workers in pro wrestling period. I watch Impact from time to time and I just don’t see anyone there other than Gail Kim who can hang with her. How she wound up on the outside looking in is a good question someone needs to answer in TNA.

The funny thing about the ratings in TNA is that the Knockouts have always done well. Dixie Carter seemed to be a big fan of Mickie when she first came in so unless something has changed I would have to assume she has support from the boss. Her lack of airtime is just another one of those inept strategies and missed opportunities you see weekly on Impact Wrestling.

[adinserter block=”2″]The easy answer here is a hope that she’d return to the WWE. I doubt that is going to happen. She described the Divas division in this same interview as being different as when she wrestled there and doesn’t believe they have the level of trust from the company that she and her colleagues had during her run.

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