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Mick Foley Says Empty Arena Tweet Led To TNA Wrestling Departure

Mick Foley TNAIt has been a few months since Mick Foley left TNA Wrestling. Foley has remained relatively low but did come out of hiding for a recent interview to talk a little TNA and the reasons surrounding his departure. According to Mickles, an innocent tweet was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Foley appeared on Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer Radio podcast last week, which is subscriber only. The appearance was billed as one of Foley’s interviews before he joins the WWE. Foley talked a little WWE, some TNA Wrestling, and of course a lot of Mick Foley. One of the most interesting topics focused on Foley’s final months with the company.

Foley talked about the rocky relationship he had with TNA in his final months. Foley cited two incidents specifically that led to his departure. The biggest according to Foley was a fun tweet he made on Twitter which took a crack at TNA’s low house show attendance.

Maybe so, but 2 days later, I trapped @TheRock under a pallet of beer kegs to win the WWE strap in an Empty Arena Match aka TNA house show.”

Foley told Meltzer and co-host Bryan Alvarez that the tweet was just the last straw in a long line of differences he had with the company. According to Foley, TNA and Dixie Carter were furious and thus all parties negotiated Foley’s release. He also cited his input on the TNA Knockouts division. Foley said that he found it difficult to be involved with a women’s charity outside of work and to appear as the “Network head” on Impact while the knockouts used questionable language. Foley said that his input on content wasn’t well received.

Alvarez made an outstanding point as Foley told the story. Alvarez pointed out that Jeff Hardy was just convicted of drug trafficking and Kurt Angle just got another DWI yet TNA were outraged over Foley’s tweet while both Hardy and Angle remain under contract to TNA Wrestling. Foley just laughed it off but that statement says a whole lot about what actually does matter to TNA Wrestling and Dixie Carter.

Mick was non-committal on a WWE return although it sounded like it was expected at some point. Foley did indicate his desire to do a match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 28. Foley also said he would be open to returning to the announce booth. That is quite ironic since he was fairly critical of the position after he left the WWE.

One question I do have is if Foley was so concerned about Knockouts content, won’t he have the same issues with the WWE Divas? Granted the language is really much different, but in the end the Divas can also be rather risqué. I can’t imagine that WWE creative would be very interested in running the scripts by Foley for his approval in regards to Diva content. On the other hand, maybe Foley will see it differently since he won’t be playing a general manager or commissioner type of character.

Regardless, it was a pretty interesting 30 minute interview. Foley talked about Edge and his legacy, some more TNA, CM Punk, wanting to appear at The Rock’s birthday bash, and a lot more. I also think that TNA wrestlers can learn a lot from this interview.

Remember TNA wrestlers, it is okay to get DWIs and traffic drugs but don’t you dare tweet any jokes about TNA house shows.

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