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Mick Foley is not a fan of the new TNA Wrestling…for now

Mick Foley is unhappy in TNA WrestlingYou can always count on Mick Foley to say the right things and support his company as long as you don’t turn any of Micks ideas. Foley has been publicly speaking out about TNA Wrestling and indicates he won’t be re-signing with TNA. Oh Mick, this would be such a story if it weren’t so predictable.

Mick is currently on a book tour promoting his new book, “Countdown to LockDown,” which ironically has lasted longer than Baba Booey’s. I am sure TNA would have expected Mick to do a little promoting of TNA Wrestling on tour. After all, Dixie Carter is paying Mick a fat salary to wrestle part-time and keep his mug on television. I don’t think TNA Wrestling expected one of their highest paid stars and veterans to take the time to bash the company and more or less publicly hand in his resignation (a trend perhaps in TNA).

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Mick isn’t very happy about TNA Wrestling’s new direction, specifically the leadership of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. “What I’m getting when I ask these questions is a lot of what WCW was,” Foley said. “With WWE, we knew that’s who you talk to, and so it’s very frustrating. I will eventually throw up my hands and just say, ‘Okay, I’ll walk to the mailbox every two weeks.’ I’ll do that or I’ll go on the show and do something I don’t believe in, but you saw the difference (during his match with Ric Flair because he was emotionally invested).” – TNAInsider.

Now of course a year ago when anyone with a wrestling brain saw through the ruse of Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan coming to TNA Wrestling he was singing a different tune. “You know, I was actually pretty excited about it. It’s funny, I wrote this story on my TNA web blog (The Foley Files) that I had dropped off a book for Hulk Hogan to sign for a friend and had just picked up the book — it was at a local bookstore — I just picked up the book and had been in my house for no more then ten seconds when I received a call from Dixie Carter telling me that Hulk Hogan had just signed. So I don’t know if that’s fate or just a large coincidence but I certainly saw the upside of a guy of Hogan’s magnitude coming in and a guy with Bischoff’s background. I honestly didn’t know what it held in store for me personally but I did think that overall it would be, it was a good move for the company.” Really Mick?

[adinserter block=”2″]So what changed? That is an easy question to answer. The same thing that put Foley on the outs with a lot of the WWE management during his last couple of years changed. They said no. Yes, Hogan, Bischoff, Dixie Carter, and Vince Russo said no to Mick Foley. Management also doesn’t see Foley having the same impact in 2010 that he had in 2000, similar to how the WWE felt about his last days in the ring. Instead of being that veteran leader he always praised himself to be, put the company first, and help make no stars how did Mick Foley respond to this? Well Foley then told the company paying his salary no. It looks like the “masterminds” at TNA are about as tired of Foley’s act as Vince McMahon was.

I hate to sound like a Foley hater but what really turned me off to Foley was the amount of self importance he put on himself in his book the Hardcore Diaries. Just to sum it up it was Foley who saved ECW One Night Stand 2006 not that little John Cena vs. Rob Van Dam match which still remains a classic.

Mick Foley took that grandiose attitude to TNA Wrestling. Foley has reportedly turned down storylines to the dismay of TNA management. One specific angle required Foley to play a bully who said in a recent interview, “This is breaking news, and maybe I’ll get in trouble for this, but TNA had discussed me doing a big heel turn. But with this anti-bullying campaign we’re doing and coming off an award for reasonableness I was given by Jon Stewart, it just didn’t seem right.”

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So let me get this right. Mick Foley gets a fake award from a television host who does satire, turns down an angle from a fictional wrestling company the company paying him a salary to play a fictional character because he didn’t want to compromise the integrity of the phony award? And you thought reasoning with your 5-year old child as to why he has to eat his vegetables is difficult?

Another one of Foley’s big complaints is that TNA Wrestling didn’t air any of his footage from the John Stewart rally in which he received the award. Can anyone find a diaper in XXXL for this big baby? Believe me I am no TNA Wrestling fan, but they have a two hour show to “produce.” If Foley’s little P.R. stunt hits the cutting room floor in an effort to further an angle for the pay per view, than I am all for it. What is the point of putting that much television time behind a guy who isn’t even in the ring right now for TNA?

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I don’t even know what you do with a Mick Foley in 2010 who has his own agenda. Foley has been an embarrassment inside of the ring during most of his tenure in TNA. His TNA LockDown match against Sting was everything that Foley would have ranted and raved against ten years ago. He can barely wrestle, he doesn’t want to do particular angles, and doesn’t seem to be eager to put young guys over. Quite frankly he seems like he would fit in perfectly into the Hogan and Bischoff regime. In all fairness to Foley he knows he isn’t what he used to be in the ring. I just don’t think he has truly come to grips with how far he is removed from his prime as a performer.

[adinserter block=”1″]This wouldn’t be so newsworthy if it weren’t predictable. Foley has a history of taking the company line until he doesn’t get his way. He did it in the WWE and he is doing it now. But make no mistake about it. If TNA Wrestling were to have aired his appearance with Jon Stewart, it would be the greatest company in the world. Just ask Dave Meltzer who Foley dedicated over 2,000 words to critique Dave on TNA’s own website yet just a few weeks later had Foley on his radio show to guess what, promote Foley’s book. I guess Dave wasn’t so bad after all.

To me, Mick Foley caught a huge break in the last decade by being in the right place at the right time. He was great in his prime but he never would have had the lasting impact if he wasn’t in the middle of the Austin and Rock era. It looks like Foley can’t understand that and continues to put himself on the same pedestal as those guys. Foley indicated recently he likely won’t be re-signing with TNA Wrestling.

From what I hear out of the TNA locker room, there won’t be many sad faces missing Mick Foley at the Impact Zone. I also can’t imagine the enthusiasm of Vince McMahon over Mick becoming a free agent. I am sure Mick will get a job somewhere, I just can’t imagine it ending on a high note.

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  1. Mick Foley is kinda lost in the mix and would be better suited in WWE. In TNA Abyss has his monster role and the ECW crew have the hardcore role. Kurt Angle has the part-timeish legit vet role that Shawn Michaels had b4 retirement.
    In WWE, Foley could add some serious legitamacy to all the new guys coming in. I would to see the Miz's reaction to Foley. Priceless.

  2. Plus Flair is crazy. On TV, Flair comes across as a seriously unstable madman, albeit old, willing to do anything. You have to respect it. Unlike Hogan.TNA is the is right program for his talents as opposed to the WWE & Russos best attempts to screw things up.In 2010, Flair playing a heel that everyone loves is perfect. He lets people live that psychotic fantasy of beating up the dweeby Babyface, without letting go of any of the pop the babyfaces eventually get when beating him up in righteous anger. And at the same time walking the line of showing people an enticing lifestyle.The man is a genius.

  3. As embarrassing as Hogan is and as 2nd rate as Bischoff is, Ric Flair has shown he still has it. Fortune (crap name), wouldnt be around to form the same type of heel stable that is Nexus, Bobby Heenans crew, Horsemen, etc without the legitimatcy& focus of Flair.
    I like the balance of the lone maverick babyfaces versus the the might of an evil crew. Flair does evil crew.


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