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Mick Foley blasts Dave Meltzer and the Wrestling Observer

Mick FoleyMick Foley has officially lost his mind. Mick Foley has recently posted a lengthy blog on TNA Wrestling’s website about Dave Meltzer. Mick Foley has now taken to the TNA website to rebut criticisms of his promos by one time ally Dave Meltzer and the Wrestling Observer.

Yes under that flannel shirt and sweat pants lie a once rugged pro wrestler with thin skin and an ego the size of Mars. Remember the time when Mick Foley would cut promos making fun of other wrestling promotions and write books mocking other wrestlers? Well the good hearted, fun loving, hardcore icon has now hit an emotional wall. Mick Foley is upset at Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer’s criticisms of TNA Wrestling and his promos. Wow, he really has been hanging around with Hulk Hogan for too long.

When I heard about this diatribe that Mick Foley wrote on about Dave Meltzer I was curious. So I went over to the website and about four hours later, I finally finished his blog. For a New York Times best-selling author, Mick could use some editing. The amount of space given to this subject is just as disturbing as the topic itself. Mick Foley has finally gone off of the deep end.

[adinserter block=”1″]As someone who hates when his website material is copied and pasted, I refuse to do the same thing to Mick Foley. To read the entire Mick Foley tirade, go over to To sum up Foley’s tirade, he thinks his promos are now are much better than Dave Meltzer has given him credit for. He thinks Dave’s (and everyone else Mick) criticisms of TNA mentioning WWE on their broadcasts making them look minor league is off the mark. Mick thinks very highly of Tommy Dreamer’s EV2.0 promo and disagrees with Dave’s criticism. Mick thinks that Dave has just taken an overall cynical critical tone and is being overly harsh with his writings.

Anyone that has listened to my Pro Wrestling Radio show for the last eleven years will tell you that I have never been a big Mick Foley fan. I never liked the humor aspect he brought to the WWE and some have cited this era as the reason there is so much dumb humor in pro wrestling today. I was never a big fan of his matches, yet I do respect his ability to entertain masses and sell tickets. Quite frankly, I liked Tietam Brown a lot more than any of his wrestling matches. I have a ton of respect for charity work, but at the same time I don’t want to see the president of the Make-A-Wish foundation wrestling at WrestleMania.

Quite frankly this latest rant by Mick Foley should be of no surprise to anyone who read Foley is Good. Reading Foley is Good is what really turned me off completely to Mick Foley. On the exterior, Mick Foley seems like one of the good guys. One of us. Yet after reading his book it becomes apparent quick that this guy has an ego the size of Linda McMahon’s campaign bills. According to Mick, it was on his shoulders to “save” ECW One Night Stand 2006 and Vince McMahon made a huge mistake by not making him the focal point of the show. I hate to break it to you Mick, but I think Vince did okay with that little John Cena vs. Rob Van Dam angle. The book is filled with more Foley propaganda that will turn off even the biggest Foley fans by the end of the book.

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I have been an avid reader of Dave Meltzer and his Wrestling Observer for about 25 years. I have had personal conversations with Dave, read hundreds of newsletters, and listened to hours of podcasts as a subscriber. I don’t agree with everything Dave says but I can tell you one thing that I don’t disagree with and that is his criticism of TNA Wrestling. Instead of blaming a newsletter he compares to the New York Times for overly criticizing TNA Wrestling, how about taking an objective look at an episode of TNA Impact? You can’t expect me to believe the same wrestling fan that traveled to see Magnificent Muraco vs. Jimmy Snuka in a Steel Cage would be the least bit entertained by five minutes of Impact?

[adinserter block=”2″]TNA Wrestling posting this rant is something right out of the old WCW playbook. For one, there are probably a lot of TNA fans that don’t know who Dave Meltzer is. They will be searching for Dave online and who knows, they may turn into Wrestling Observer subscribers. Dave couldn’t ask for better advertising if he tried. At least Hulk Hogan was smart enough to burn an Observer without any explanation of what it was. I mean after all Mick, you did give the newsletter quite the endorsement. It seems as if people in this company from Mick, to Eric Bischoff, and Dixie Carter on her shoot interview are more concerned about defending their company than they are about actually trying to learn from these criticisms. If they spent five minutes talking to fans who don’t buy their shows rather than asking the fans that do to criticize the product, well maybe they’d learn something. Oh wait, that’s right! They hired a focus group.

Has Mick Foley objectively watched any of his matches or his angles since coming to TNA? While I am no fan of Foley, it was sad seeing him out there trying to have a match with Sting when neither guy could barely walk. That was a brilliant skit on Monday night “sneaking” into a building on a television broadcast live on national television. It was like Ric Flair in the desert all over again. Foley just doesn’t have it anymore in the ring or behind the mic and the truth apparently hurts.

Mick Foley has turned into quite a pathetic figure over the last several years. For a guy that was once respected as one of the few wrestlers in the business with integrity, he has done everything he could to tarnish this since coming to the Impact Zone. I don’t have a problem with Mick hanging on for one last run and one last payday. I do have a problem with Mick trying to tell us something that it isn’t, and killing the messenger rather than looking at the message.

Bang bang!

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  1. I've read the Observer since 1991 and generally feel Dave Meltzer is on the mark with his analysis of TNA. To some extent, Mick Foley probably suffers from guilt by association, meaning there are so many wash-ups that have been milking TNA that stuff seems worse by those who are at least trying to make TNA work. I don't agree with Foley's comparison of TNA wrestlers bringing up their WWE angles to the American League mentioning the Negro League. To me, it's more like if Pearl Jam released the same song on each album. Many ex-WWE wrestlers in TNA are dipping into the past because they have nothing good going on in the present. Every time I would hear someone like Kip James talking about wrestling "up North," I would cringe and say to myself, can't you come up with something fresher?

  2. Thank you Eric. I wholeheartedly agree with your excellent blog. Wrestlers in general overestimate their own self worth but Mick Foley is simply delusional. I was seething when I read Ric Flair and Mick Foley rewrite wrestling history in their books but I can at least understand why Ric Flair has an ego. Like him or loathe him, he is a legend. Mick Foley, as Ric said in his book is a garbage wrestler made good. He is obsessed with his cheap legacy, in fact he's probably reading this blog right now so he can make another rambling diatribe. 😛

    • Thank you Gavin. Really appreciate your comment. Yeah, you are dead on about both of them and dead on about the difference between the two. He really is obsessed. I couldn't believe that he actually believed what he wrote in Foley is Good, but apparently he does.

  3. I couldn't agreed with you more. I've grown very tired of Mick the past few years. He seems like a good guy of the sport, but underneath it all, his ego is the size of the Atlantic. In one of his books he talks about winning all of the world titles at Night of Champions I believe it was. It was all part of his genius storyline. Then he was mad when Vince shot down the idea of a man in his 40's who hasn't been wrestling full time in about 5 years wanted to be the top guy again. Foley just seems like a guy who has overvalued himself and blasts the WWE or whomever else when he doesn't get his way. Good luck Foley, I'd rather watch some of your more entertaining stuff, than see you try and have a cage match with Sting again, 20 years after the fact


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