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Mick Foley Bumped Off WWE H.O.F TV Broadcast

[adinserter block=”1″]How ironic is it that Mick Foley would be in the news during WrestleMania week for taking a bump. Unfortunately it is not the spectacular bump we are used to getting from Mick. Foley has been bumped from the WWE Hall of Fame broadcast and fans are irate.

Foley was expected to be a number two, three, or even the top star going into the WWE Hall of Fame this year when news broke that he was going in. Once Bruno Sammartino was locked up Foley seemed like a logical two. Then came Donald Trump who bumped Foley to three, but still gave fans the chance to watch him on the USA Network broadcast. Now it is a McMahon who has bumped Foley off the show entirely.

News broke on Monday that Trish Stratus would be inducted by Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie was an odd choice, considering that Stratus was on her own website asking fans for suggestions. Most fans suggested Lita and Trish agreed, but waffled a bit lately. Apparently the videos posted last week of Stephanie training in boxing was to get her ready to knock Foley out of the broadcast. Trish elaborated on her choice in a recent interview.

I have someone and you’ll just have to wait… That’s obviously been swirling around. It was a difficult choice. There’s a number of people that have really, really impacted my career. In my speech, you’ll know the choice I made is very clear. But you’ll know soon enough.

This is where things get dicey when it comes to the Hall of Fame. You have the wrestlers who are in it who tell you how prestigious it is, while you have those who aren’t (and some who are) who point to instances like this as to why it isn’t a true Hall of Fame. The fact that Foley won’t be on the broadcast in favor of celebrities and a McMahon really is a travesty of justice.

Fans are upset and complaining in social media, some wondering what Bruno thinks. Heck I love Bruno more than anyone but he is contributing to the problem by having a celebrity induct him. For Bruno to complain at this point would be a bit hypocritical. I can’t imagine he cares that much.

Mick Foley deserves better. I was never a huge Foley fan but there is no star more recognizable to the last couple of generations of WWE fans than Mick. Wrestlers with considerably less recognition have gotten more prominence in the WWE Hall of Fame ceremonies than Mick. I rarely feel sorry for Mick but for this one, I can certainly feel for him.

Could they squeeze Foley into the broadcast? I guess they could but these broadcasts are a tight one hour as they are. It still wouldn’t be the same as seeing him give a lengthy speech and seeing the presentation. God forbid we miss a riveting second of Donald Trump’s induction.

[adinserter block=”2″]I love Bruno but I can’t imagine that from a television perspective, Bruno, Trish, and Trump are three people that fans are going to go out of their way to see. I would be surprised if this year’s broadcast isn’t one of the lower rated ones in Hall of Fame history. I can’t help but think that having Foley in there would have made a huge difference.

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  1. Why would anyone want to see Donald Trump? Has ANYONE heard what that guy has to say on things? He's a whackjob.

    The fact that Foley ,a guy who broke his back for the company, almost literally, during the Attitude Era and helped the company when they were drowning in the ratings thanks to WCW, and his reward is not even being on TV when they induct him into the Hall of Fame?

    I knew McMahon was a prick, but this one was just a slap in the face to Mick and to wrestling fans.

  2. As always, I almost unanimously agree Eric. Not the biggest fan of Mick. I think he takes his legacy way too seriously, considering that he was just a stunt merchant, but he does deserve to be on that broadcast when you take all the variables into consideration. It could be the start of a build to a new and final feud to put over a young WWE superstar (in a gimmick match of course).

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