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Mick Foley Advertised For November 14 WWE RAW With The Rock

Mick Foley TNAMrs. Foley’s little boy is coming home. It is official! To the surprise of nobody, Mick Foley is returning to the WWE. Foley will join The Rock live in Boston, MA the night before Survivor Series as part of a jam packed RAW Supershow.

The news hit the Internet today when word got out that Foley is being advertised for the November 14 RAW. Follow the link and it will take you to the live page on WWE.com which advertises the former champion. Foley returning to the WWE isn’t a real big shock. Foley has been rather open about an impending return. Yet I find it kind of surprising that something so huge would be leaked by the WWE with little fanfare.

[adinserter block=”2″]It is important to note that the November 14 RAW will be the go-home show before Survivor Series 2011. Does this mean that Foley will be involved at the fall classic? I think there is a damn good shot that he will be. Reintroducing him a week before allows the WWE to expose Foley and his history to those who may be unaware, thus putting a little more zip on whatever he does in Madison Square Garden.

I am intrigued as to how the relationship between Foley and the WWE will play out. Foley left the WWE and went to TNA in 2008 after being frustrated with his treatment as an announcer. Foley recently left TNA Wrestling after disagreements with booking. Foley recently told Dave Meltzer that part of the strained relationship with TNA management was Foley’s desire to help book the TNA Knockouts. Foley explained that he was uncomfortable with some of the things said on television in relation to the charity work he does outside of pro wrestling. Either Foley is going to have to keep his differences to himself or he is going to irk the boss quickly if this turns into a similar situation.

Going forward I am not sure how you use Mick Foley. Foley wants to wrestle but that could be tricky. WWE fans are more demanding of their main-events so what were passable headliners in TNA could blow up in his face in a WWE ring. That is not to say that Foley was awful in TNA, he had some decent matches. Yet I couldn’t imagine most of them going into a time capsule anytime soon.

[adinserter block=”1″]The RAW anonymous G.M. role would have been perfect for Foley. Unfortunately they have ditched the storyline. If Foley isn’t going to wrestle regularly, does he go back to commentary? He’d certainly be a welcome voice if the tradeoff was Foley or Booker T. I just think there are some real limitations here on what you can expect out of any kind of payoff from Foley.

Foley’s involvement in the John Cena vs. The Rock feud makes perfect sense. Whether Foley comes back as a tag team partner (Foley and Rock vs. Cena and Punk) or Foley winds up wrestling Cena in a singles match, there is some immediate payoff for sure if that is the road they wish to take for the former WWE champion. Regardless, it will be a fun moment to see The Rock and Sock Connection back on RAW in 2011.

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  1. I always knew from day 1 that Mick Foley would come back to ride on The Rock's coattails during this latest comeback. Classic starfucker is Foley.

  2. Foley is not nearly the big deal he believes himself to be and the WWE thinks they're ALL THAT when they are not…I'd call them a match made in heaven.


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