Michael Vick Hurts The Eagles Offense


Michael VickNow that some of the dust has settled, it is time to look at Michael Vick on the field. According to some analysts, Vick gives the Philadelphia Eagles unlimited offensive options. But does he really? Not only do I disagree, but I think that Michael Vick hurts the Philadelphia Eagles on the field.

This is all about that ridiculous Wildcat formation. The talk over and over again by Eagles players, coaches, and analysts is how dangerous the Wildcat will be with Vick in the huddle. I completely disagree with this notion. Michael Vick will actually hurt the Wildcat offense for the Eagles and I’ll tell you why.

[adinserter block=”1″]The reason the Wildcat worked so well for the Miami Dolphins last season was the element of surprise. The Dolphins could move players around and morph into the Wildcat formation at any time. Defenses would scramble, coordinators wouldn’t know what to call, and teams could never get their proper units on the field in time to counter the Wildcat. Michael Vick completely blows this advantage for the Eagles.

Michael Vick will not be an every down offensive player. The element of surprise is gone when Vick takes the field. As soon as teams see Vick strolling onto the field they know exactly what is coming next. Teams will have ample opportunity to get their proper defenses set and prepare for the Wildcat. Having someone like Vick in the Wildcat is appealing on paper but will lack in execution.

Michael Vick also takes up a roster spot. Having the luxury of this extra Wildcat piece takes your roster down to 52 men. Now on the surface that doesn’t sound bad, but this is the 2009 Philadelphia Eagles. This team has been decimated by injuries through mini camp. The offensive line looks awful. This team does not have the luxury to give up a roster spot to a luxury.

The other song that analysts and Vick-lovers are singing is about how defensive coordinators now have to worry about Vick. If I hear someone tell me about how great it is now that coordinators have to game plan for Vick, I’m going to scream. Defensive coaches had him figured out his last year in the league. In his last regular season, he only completed 52.6% of his passes and also had 9 fumbles. Defenses figured out how to contain and frustrate him. The book is out on Vick.

Finally, how will Vick’s inclusion in the game impact the offense’s momentum? Whether it be the line, the quarterback-receiver timing, or the running back, a successful drive needs momentum. Whether Vick is coming into the game for 2 plays to 10 plays, this can’t be good for the continuity of the offense. Buddy Ryan tried an alternating quarterback system here years ago and it didn’t work for this reason. It won’t work.

Donovan McNabb was downright giddy yesterday about playing with Vick. McNabb said, “I’ll be a receiver. I might be a tight end. I might be a running back,” he said with a smile. “You never know where I’ll be.” So I am supposed to believe that taking the ball out of my Pro Bowl quarterback’s hands is going to help my team? Why is he even there in the first place?

McNabb is out of his mind. I am sure defensive coordinators would lick their chops at seeing McNabb line up at tight end or wide receiver. McNabb has a history of injuries as it is. The last thing I want to see is this guy put in a compromising position on the field. This is serious business and McNabb is playing with a deadly hand if he thinks he can just line up at wide receiver without getting hit and hit hard. There is no roughing the passer when you aren’t the passer D’Mac!

[adinserter block=”2″]How many plays a game do you expect to see out of Michael Vick? Is Vick really going to take more than three snaps in a game? How effective will he be without warming up and just coming in sporadically? What are people really expecting here? Do they think he is going to score every time he touches the ball? What true impact can Michael Vick have on the outcome of a game if he is only in for a handful of plays?

The bottom line here is that I completely disagree with the notion that Michael Vick helps the Eagles. Vick could have had more impact on several teams, just not this one. Michael Vick doesn’t help the Eagles at all. As a matter of a fact, Vick hurts the Eagles period. He may grab a first down here and there throughout the season but at the end of the day this is a signing that doesn’t make any sense at all.

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