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Screw the Beagle, Michael Vick Makes Me Sick

Michael Vick Ladies and gentlemen, I tried. I fought tooth and nail for someone who I never even met. I had spoken to many friends, and even CCB founder/my brother Eric Gargiulo, and tried to preach some good words. Today, while harmlessly browsing the internet, I come to find a piece on Number 7. Michael Vick was offered a chance to see the animals he hurt and abused, and guess who said no? I, being a dog owner and lover, tried to give this guy a chance. He then goes and does something like this. I feel ashamed, disgusted, and truly slapped in the face. So much for the turn around, eh Mikey?

[adinserter block=”1″]The Eagles are on the West Coast this weekend, taking on the Oakland Raiders. For Philly fans, this is the last dance before we get into our 3 weeks of playing our conference. All this aside, we here in Philadelphia have learned to accept Mike Vick as one of our own. BAD RAP, (Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pitbulls) has 10 of his pitbulls from his now broken up Bad Newz Kennels. They took them in, so they could care for and give these dogs the love this “human” didn’t. They weren’t asking him to do anything ridiculous, just to see them. In a way, what they were asking was for him to see them for “closure” on both his and others ends. Michael Vick said no. This just goes to show what kind of smoke and mirrors this guy is.

Imagine someone in this scenario: A human being murders someone in your family. They go to prison 18 months, and can go back to living a normal life. All you want to do is meet them, and ask them a simple, “Why?” This person slaps you in the face and simply says no, how would you feel? As stated before, I have no relations, nor even have met one Michael Vick. I tried to tell people he learned his lesson. I had said he learned a lesson. I said maybe, just maybe, he was truly sorry. This guy could have done this to show everyone he is a man, and show some hurt for what he had done. He could have filmed this for his upcoming reality show, which is also a joke in my opinion. Mike Vick would rather worry about suiting up, and playing a game of football, and getting a paycheck. Some say he may not be ready to go see the animals he hurt with his own 2 hands. What are you waiting for Mikey?

I’m hoping that this writing will be proven wrong by the time the Birds fly out West for Sunday’s game. I’m seriously hoping Mike checks his conscious, and maybe his soul, and is seeing what kind of idiot he is making himself look like. I attended the game vs. the Buccaneers at Lincoln Financial Field this past Sunday. I watched number 7 practice. I watched him also take some snaps towards the end of the game. My point being is, I didn’t clap for, cheer, nor boo him. Who knew when I watched him on the field, I was watching a human playing ball with his tail tucked between his legs. Congratulations Michael Vick, you just proved everyone and their mother right. You have no soul, you are a coward, and you have no right to be playing football again on an NFL field.

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Josh Usher has been a fan of sports and sports entertainment for over 20 years and bleeds green.

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  1. I'm frightened that the Pit bull desires a exclusive kind of operator…these pet dogs, regardless of how 'tender' still have teeth, are nevertheless animals with no moral ideas and once they DO bite, won't allow go. As in all animals…some tend to be far more suseptable to instinctual habits and time and time again, this breed tends to complete just that.


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