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Michael Vick and Brett Favre Return to Madden Today

Michael VickMichael Vick is coming home! Arguably the most fun Madden player in game history is coming back to his roots. After a two year hiatus, Michael Vick will be available in Madden 2010 today with an update. Brett Favre also returns to the game after a brief retirement. Let the crazy Madden Online Franchise Mode trades for Vick and Favre begin!

Brett Favre also returns to Madden today after a much shorter absence. Last year’s cover boy is giving headaches to the EA crew once again. Last year, Favre joined the Jets just days after Madden 09 was released with him on the cover in a Packers jersey. The time table is ironically similar to last year’s announcement for Favre.

As a lifelong Madden player and an ant-Vick guy, I will say this about Michael Vick. He was a hell of a lot of fun to play in Madden. I will happily admit that he was a top draft pick for me when I would play a fantasy draft in the franchise mode. I will hate the player but I won’t hate his Madden game. I for one am excited about Vick’s return.

Vick was a lot of fun for one reason and that was his speed. I also liked to through fades to Alge Crumpler with Vick, but running was his game. The game has changed a lot in two years and is more Vick friendly than ever. Michael Vick couldn’t have come back at a better time for Madden gamers like me.

Some things will change for Michael Vick in Madden 10. For one, he isn’t an elite quarterback anymore and won’t be treated like one. Vick’s player rating will be a 74. This is a 17-point drop from Vick’s last appearance in Madden. You can’t expect Vick to walk back in at a 91. The great thing about Madden is that they constantly update throughout the season and chances are that Vick’s rating will increase with each update.

Vick’s re-emergence comes right in the middle of the Wildcat frenzy. Madden 2010 includes the Wildcat formation. This is where most players will be plugging Vick into right off of the bat. The current Eagles Wildcat has DeSean Jackson taking the snap with Donovan McNabb at wide receiver. Players can change the depth chart around and plug Vick into the formation and have a blast.

I will say this about the Wildcat in Madden 10. It is really a hit and miss play. I have played and practiced it about two dozen times. In games (and practice), it works about 40% of the time. When it works, it is a thing of absolute beauty and receivers definitely get open. The problem is that thrower has such a poor qb accuracy rating that I miss open receivers most of the time. Vick can solve this if you can get him back there.

Madden 10 also boasts a robust Online Franchise Mode. In this mode, you can make all kinds of crazy trades with guys in your league. Obviously anyone with the Eagles has a huge bargaining chip here. The mode also offers a fantasy draft where every player is available and you can start from scratch. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go high in each and every fantasy draft.

Brett Favre’s return isn’t as exciting as Vick’s return to the game. Favre was in last year’s game, but retired in the franchise mode. Favre will get a little more respect than Vick with an overall 82 rating. Madden Online Franchise owners can have a little fun and trade Favre back to the Packers if they so desire. The gunslinger has always been a fun player, yet I would expect a much slower version of Favre this year.

Michael Vick fans can also put their money where their mouths are. Players can start Vick over McNabb at their leisure. Franchise owners could probably get a nice trade for McNabb if they wish to go that way in either the online or the cpu franchise mode. The Eagles do have a few plays which allow McNabb to scramble if the player desires. The Eagles offense is probably the perfect playbook to run with Vick.

How do you get the update? I don’t have a PS3, so I can only speak on getting the update for the Xbox 360. For Xbox users, go to the Xbox Live option and choose play a game. Once you choose that option, Xbox will notify you that your roster is out of date and offer you the newest one with Vick and Favre. Make sure you save it to your hard drive and you are good to go. Double check once you sign out of Xbox Live and go to the roster option. Look around and make sure Favre and Vick are in there. If not, repeat the Xbox Live steps and you will be ready to play with Vick or Favre.

I may be a hypocrite today because as disappointed as I am to see Michael Vick on the Eagles, I am happy to see him back in Madden. Nobody will ever deny the fun they have had if they ever played Madden using Vick. Favre and Vick are available today for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 users. The same update will be available shortly to other consoles.

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