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Michael Bisping Is The Second Best UFC Middleweight In The World

Michael BispingLet’s make one thing clear I do not like Michael Bisping. He is a disturbing, pompous jerk and that is on a good day. He is the type of person who says what is on his mind but the moment you call him on his crap he will tell you you’re out of line. But make no mistake about it Saturday night, although the scorecards don’t reflect it, Michael Bisping won.

Bisping won on many levels but the most important thing he won last night was respect. Many of his critics will tell you he is at least top ten. With his performance last night tells me is he is the best middleweight in the world not called Anderson Silva. Sonnen looked flat and outside of the takedowns looked very weak. Bisping looked a lot stronger than Sonnen and dominated on the feet. Bisping stuffed many takedowns and the handful of times Bisping was taken down was very brief time spent on the ground.

Where does Michael Bisping go from here?

[ad 6]As I mentioned before that although he lost to Sonnen it really was a victory for Bisping as I feel he will probably face the winner of Sonnen vs. Silva 2. My guess as far as opponents go the division is starting to look unclear again as the contenders available include Chris Weidman, Alan Belcher, Mark Munoz, Stann. My guess is depending on the extent of Munoz injury he will be facing him for the number one contender spot.

Dispelling myths of Michael Bisping:

Many people refer to Michael Bisping as a glass jaw pillow fisted Brit who fights handpicked opponents but when you look at Bisping record and opposition you will find that he has only been stopped once in his career to Dan Henderson and we all know Hendo possesses one punch ko power. In his UFC career he has a record of 12-3 with 8 stoppages. That does not sound like someone who is pillow fisted.

He has fought the likes of Rashad Evans, Wanderlei Silva, Dan Henderson, Chael Sonnen, Chris Leben, Dennis Kang, Jason Miller, Yoshihiro Akiyama, and Dan Miller. What Bisping does really well is dominate on his feet using very good fundamental boxing skills. He has strength and most importantly cardio as he never seems to tire. The longer a fight goes the better Bisping looks.

Final Analysis:

What we can take away from last night is that Bisping can hang with the very best in the world and if all goes to plan could very well end up getting a title shot if he is victorious in his next fight. Like Bisping or not he took a fight on 10 days notice and beat Sonnen.

[adinserter block=”1″]Sonnen said something very interesting that he never lost a round in his career. Which sounds absurd but in all of his losses he was winning the fights before getting submitted. He also acknowledged that Bisping is deserving of a shot and has a legit chance of winning a title. For the haters, 2012 could be a nightmare as the pillow fisted warrior could end up with a middleweight title around his waist.

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  1. I thought it was an easy 29-28 for Sonnen with Sonnen getting rounds 1 and 3, while Bisping took rd 2. Just another case of each fighter showing us they're exactly who we thought they were.

  2. The article says sonnen did not lose a round. In only one of his losses did it go to the scorecards a decision loss that was questionable. Perhaps you need to gain a better understanding of what losing a round and losing a fight mean. In his losses to Griffin, babalu, maia, horn he was in control of the fight before his losses.I will agree with you that he has not evolved since than. Bisping was winning the standup exchanges and stuffing the takedowns as well as securing a takedown on Sonnen. I would like to know what you think of how you scored the fight?

  3. This is insane.

    One, Bisping clearly lost the fight. Just because he did better than people thought he would doesn't mean he won. Bisping has never beaten a top 10 fighter. Ever. He hasn't legally finished a fight since 2009. He lost to Old Man Wanderlei. He lacks the ability to gameplan beyond jab and run, which fails him when the opponent pressures him hard.

    Two, the idea that Sonnen has never lost a round shows that you apparently have never watched him fight until the Silva fight. The man lost to Jeremy Horn 3 times, was dominated by Forrest Griffin, was submitted decisively by Trevor fucking Prangley, outgrappled by Demian Maia and Babalu. Watch the Babalu fight from UFC 55. Chael hasn't evolved one bit. His style is effective but hasn't changed in years. He lacks basic submission defense and folds when he can't dictate with his wrestling.

    This is just a horribly written and researched article and I expected better from this site.

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