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Mets Misery is Welcomed by Philly Fans

New York Mets FanPhillies fans have gotten so used to the annual atrocity that is the New York Mets playing baseball in September. Each year the teams are dead even in April and normally carry similar expectations. During the regular season, the teams trade first place back and forth multiple times. That is….until August. August is when the Mets have pulled ahead the past few years just to crash-and-burn in horrid fashion during the month of September.

Phillies fans can relax this year. That will not happen. The Mets have an All-Star team….on the injury list. I can’t remember a time in my short life where a team was bitten; no, ravaged to death by the injury bug the way the Mets have been this year. It’s remarkable.

[ad#336r]Carlos Beltran – Bone bruise in right knee

Alex Cora – Ligament injuries to both thumbs

Carlos Delgado – Torn labrum/Right oblique strain

John Maine – Right Shoulder Fatigue

Fernando Martinez – Torn meniscus

Ramon Martinez – Dislocated pinky

Jonathon Niese – Torn right hamstring

Fernando Nieve – Torn right quad

JJ Putz – Slight ulnar collateral ligament tear

Jose Reyes – Small hamstring tear/Knee inflammation

Johan Santana – Bone chips in elbow

David Wright – Post-concussion symptoms

To put this in perspective for Phillies fans, imagine losing your starting first baseman (Ryan Howard), second baseman (Chase Utley), shortstop (Jimmy Rollins), third baseman (Pedro Feliz), center fielder (Shane Victorino), set-up man (Ryan Madsen), pitching ace (Cliff Lee), two middle of the rotation starters (Joe Blanton and J.A. Happ), a utility infielder (Greg Dobbs) and a backup outfielder (Ben Francisco). Those are the exact same positions that the Mets have lost this season and it’s truly historic.

Let me make this clear; I am no Mets beat writer. I don’t live in the New York market either, so I won’t pretend to know everything Mets. What I do know is that they are currently 57-69, 16.5 games back of the Phillies for first place. The fact that they have lost that list of people and do not have a record more on par with that of the Nationals is slightly remarkable. As much as Jerry Manuel and Omar Minaya are disliked in New York right now, I believe that they have actually overachieved with the Little League team that they currently have on the field. Mets owner Fred Wilpon recently agreed with that and promised that both would be back in their positions next year.

Ok, that’s enough praise for the Mets from this fan of the Phightin Phils. It’s disappointing that we won’t get to witness the Phillies rip another NL East title from the Mets again this September. It’s unfortunate that we won’t see the annual collapse of the Mets empire. I had begun to look forward to the Mets players giving interviews on the last day of the season after they had another monumental collapse. It had become my “Must-See TV”.

[adinserter block=”2″]My advice to my fellow Phillies fans, however, is this. Do not get comfortable. The careers of the guys above are not over. In April, all of the “experts” will once again rave about the Mets (healthy) lineup and pick them to win the NL East once again. I’m not saying it can’t happen, but you know they’ll predict it. The fact of the matter is that the injuries that the Mets have faced this year are truly historical. It will not happen again next year. This rivalry will pick up right where it left off and we’ll be right back to circling their meetings on our calendars.

But, until 2010, sorry about your lucky Mets fans. Chalk up another NL East title for the Philadelphia Phillies.

Brett Clendaniel is 25 and married to an awesome girl named Tashia. Brett has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Marketing. Brett currently works for QBC-TV2 of South Jersey and 1240AM WSNJ. Sports are his passion and Philly teams are what he religiously follows. Brett is also a big fan of the Red Sox and the Cincinnati Bengals. Brett also have great passion for professional wrestling and mixed-martial arts. Brett loves to talk about any of them all the time. “I am flattered to be asked to share my opinions with all of the loyal readers of the Camel Clutch Blog! I hope you enjoy my articles.” Please e-mail him any time with questions, comments, or feedback of any type at

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