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Memo To Brandon Vera: You Lost!

I have been reading a lot of praise for Brandon Vera and his performance in his fight against Mauricio Shogun Rua…from Brandon Vera. Vera is very proud of the fight and feels that he has proven himself but for what, I am still trying to figure out.

[adinserter block=”2″]There is something about Brandon Vera’s arrogance following the UFC on Fox 4 main-event that is becoming more annoying by the second. Vera cannot shut up about his performance against Shogun Rua. I could certainly understand his enthusiasm if oh say he won the fight, but the last time I looked he not only lost the fight but got knocked out!

Something is wrong in my opinion when the winner of a fight is more humble in victory than the guy who got knocked out. Shogun Rua was interviewed immediately after the fight and was critical about his own performance. Brandon Vera was interviewed after the fight gloating about writing more chapters, giving his haters the finger at the post fight presser, and lashing out at reporters regarding a question that wasn’t even asked to him. What is wrong with this picture?

Was Brandon Vera disrespected before the fight? It depends on what your opinion of disrespect is. If by disrespecting Vera that entailed giving an objective look at his most recent fights and the last few years of his career, okay than I guess he was disrespected. If being disrespected meant being mocked for his inclusion in a prime-time main-event after going 1-3-1 in his last four fights than I guess he was disrespected. If by disrespect he means the outrage the MMA community had at the idea that he was even eligible for a UFC title shot after just being cut and only rehired because his opponent failed a PED test, than yes he was disrespected. Are you happy Truth?

The UFC may be glitz and glamour when it is on Fox television but it is a sport. The last I checked, the idea of any professional sports competition was to win unless we are talking horse racing. There is no win, place, or show in MMA. That is why you see fighters like Chael Sonnen speechless losing to Anderson Silva . Could you imagine if everyone in MMA showed up at a press conference or continued to talk trash in social media like Brandon Vera after a loss?

[adinserter block=”1″]What does Brandon Vera have to be proud of? What new chapter was written on Saturday night? I watched a fighter who didn’t properly condition for a five-round fight, gassed, and fail to put enough power in his strikes to finish a fight. I watched a guy who had Shogun Rua at the brink of defeat and failed to finish the job. I watched a fighter record his third loss in his last five fights. Was it a fun fight? Sure, but this isn’t a gymnastics competition. The bottom line here is that Rua found a way to win and Vera didn’t. It really is that simple.

So I am still not exactly sure what Brandon Vera feels that he proved to his “haters.” If the idea was to prove exactly what they had all predicted, you did a great job. Nobody expected you to win and you didn’t.

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